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In wholesale distribution, financial leaders must keep a constant eye on operational performance. Whether you’re focused on optimizing inventory, streamlining purchasing, or managing multiple locations, Intacct can help. Find out how Intacct gives you full visibility into real-time performance, automates complex processes, and easily adapts to the unique requirements of your wholesale distribution business.

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Enjoy a bird’s-eye view

Only Intacct combines business and operational data into a full, real-time view of your business—then lets you slice and dice that view by the performance drivers that are relevant to your business. See metrics across warehouse locations, product lines, and inventory status. Gain a crystal clear understanding of your most profitable products, channels, and customers. And make confident, informed decisions at a moment’s notice.  

Be a smooth operator

Intacct automates your accounting processes and adapts to your wholesale distribution business needs, now and in the future. Streamline your processes for managing approvals, generating stock orders, tracing inventory, and more.  Share information across your business, while efficiently managing multiple locations, multiple warehouses, multiple currencies, and international operations. Now you can get more done, without resorting to spreadsheets, and without hiring additional staff for your finance team.

Make the right connections

Intacct integrates easily with applications you’re using now or may be considering in the future, so you can extend your investment while streamlining the flow of information across your business. For example, you can use Intacct with AvaTax to make your sale tax accounting easy and accurate—a big time-saver when you’re managing facilities in multiple cities, states, or countries. And you can connect Intacct with Salesforce CRM to automate your order-to-cash process. Take a look at the Intacct Marketplace to see the range of integrated solutions already available for shipping, ecommerce, asset management, payroll, payments, and more.

Customers’ favorite features include:

The Intacct system has reduced the time it takes for us to reconcile accounts, manage consolidations, and close our books by at least 2-3 weeks every month, despite our multiple entities and currencies.
Ramses R. Najem
Saranabu Sa
Intacct is #1 in customer satisfaction. See how we compare.

Intacct is #1 in customer satisfaction.
See how we compare.

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