Implementing and Configuring Intacct Project Accounting

This 3-day course provides hands-on experience implementing and configuring Intacct Project Accounting.  Best practices for implementing Intacct Project Accounting, including discussion of configuration choices and trade-offs will be addressed.  

Class Details

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Audience: This course is designed for implementation consultants and project administrators.
Prerequisite(s): Implementing and Configuring Intacct is required.
Class Length: 3 days; 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
What You Need: This is a hands-on course; please bring a laptop (not a tablet) to class each day.
CPE Credits: This course is eligible for 18 CPE credits.
Cost: This cost is included in your partner fee.

Course Objectives


At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Create and manage projects and tasks
    • Time and materials projects
    • Fixed price projects
    • Non-billable projects
  • Configure resource selection and scheduling
  • Enter expense and time transactions to ensure proper project accounting
  • Generate invoices for projects
  • Configure and manage revenue recognition for projects
  • Build and run reports
    • Project performance
    • Project profit and loss
  • Configure and manage projects in standalone (single) and multi-entity shared (domestic and international) environments

Course Topics

Project Accounting Overview
  • Discuss where Intacct fits on the project accounting vs. project management spectrum
  • Discuss benefits of Intacct project accounting
  • Review various Intacct core concepts
Project Application Configuration Settings
  • Configure Timesheet settings
  • Setup data entry for time trackings
  • Set min/max hour rules
  • Setup approvals
  • Enable options for billable activities
  • Enable project dimension
  • Setup project summary account groups
Order Entry Application Configuration Settings
  • Discuss various order entry settings
  • Explain the role of items in project accounting
  • Discuss order entry transaction definitions for projects
  • Map items to general ledger accounts
The Project
  • Explain how the project billing type affects project accounting
  • Determine how and when to use sub-projects vs. tasks
  • Set up planned and estimated duration
  • Discuss uses for project category, project type, and project status
  • Create and use project templates
  • Discuss trade-offs to consider for projects in an multi-entity shared environment
  • Setup tasks for a project
  • Explain how milestone tasks interact with project invoicing
  • Discuss billable vs. non-billable tasks
  • Discuss utilized vs. non-utilized tasks
  • Setup time types and earning types for tasks
  • Use planned and estimated duration
Employee Time and Expenses
  • Discuss how dimensions on the employee record are used
  • Setup hourly and salaried employees
  • Setup for overtime
  • Discuss how Intacct labor costing works
  • Explain how timesheets work
  • Configure employee expense approval
Project Invoicing
  • Setup project level pricing for billing rate or cost-plus
  • Import project resources
  • Generate and print project invoices
  • Create custom invoice template for project detail
Project Revenue Recognition
  • Setup order entry for fixed fee projects
  • Without deferred revenue recognition
  • With deferred revenue recognition
  • Setup and use revenue recognition templates for percent complete and milestone recognition
  • Setup recurring invoices for installment invoicing and projects
Project Reports
  • Install project reports from the package library
  • Create and use dimension groups in reports
  • Create and use dimension structures in financial reports
  • Build a financial report with general ledger accounts in the rows and dimensions in the columns
  • Build a financial report with dimensions in the rows and general ledger accounts in the columns