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Your financial system must be able to receive information from your other business systems and processes. You can enter that information manually, or you can go the modern Intacct route. Intacct integrates seamlessly with the business systems you have in place today, and it is ready to integrate with any new applications you may want to add tomorrow. So you’re free to choose your business applications based on functional fit, not integration concerns.

How it works

Intacct was built to be able to “talk” to your other best-in-class cloud systems with automated two-way, system-to-system communication. With our web services API, you don’t need to worry about complex business logic. You have the flexibility to tailor your connections to your specific workflow processes. And you can be ready to go in a week or less.  

Your choice of integration options

With integration made easy, you have the flexibility to connect Intacct with any applications you have—whether they are proprietary custom applications or widely used business systems like Salesforce CRM. Simply choose the approach that work best for you:

  • Pre-built connections. Access preconfigured system-to-system connections that are built into Intacct, or available through the Intacct Marketplace. These types of “pre-built” integrations make it easy for you to set up and configure your connection.
  • Custom connections. Alternately, you can work with Intacct’s professional services, your Intacct partner, or your own IT team to easily create your own custom connections using the web services API.

Key benefits

  • Streamline business processes with automatic two-way communication between your business systems
  • Get up and running quickly, regardless of the application you are connecting to Intacct
  • Tap into a wide range of integration choices from Intacct and our partners to quickly connect systems
Intacct’s web services are simple for even a non-technical person like me to use, and the system accepts all kinds of files and templates, so we don’t have to worry about our data sitting in silos.
Tanya Yakhnis
Tandem HR
Intacct is #1 in customer satisfaction. See how we compare.

Intacct is #1 in customer satisfaction.
See how we compare.

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