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Intacct accounting platform - easily build new application functionality

Intacct offers robust financials and readily adapts to most business requirements. However, there are some special cases where you might require unique functionality to better serve your target markets. For these situations, developers can use the Intacct accounting platform to add new capabilities, or even to build stand-alone applications outside the domain of your accounting system. It’s just another way that Intacct was built to meet your unique needs, now and in the future.

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Accounting platform visual development

Build your financial and accounting solutions using menus and tools that require no programming skills. This means you can get new application functionality built quickly.

Shared, cloud run-time infrastructure

Solutions built on the Intacct Platform run on Intacct’s cloud infrastructure, and therefore offer the same robust security, high availability, and back-ups as standard Intacct applications.

Familiar end-user interface

When you create a solution with the Intacct Platform, your menu interface and form controls match closely to what users see in the standard Intacct application. Your users benefit from a familiar user experience in the new screens and applications you build, making them instantly productive.

Leverage objects and business logic

Application objects you create in your platform solution can have relationships with objects in the standard Intacct application. For instance, you can create a data object in the accounting platform solution and tie it to customers, invoices, and journal entries in Intacct.

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Intacct is #1 in customer satisfaction. See how we compare.

Intacct is #1 in customer satisfaction.
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