SaaS Business Model

A Modern Finance Solution for SaaS Companies

If you work in a SaaS business, chances are you face an assortment of unique finance challenges. That’s because the SaaS business model often translates into more accounting complexity, faster closing cycles, and increased reporting requirements.

With Intacct ERP software, you can stay on top of SaaS finance challenges by automating complex financial tasks. Intacct operates a SaaS business model, too, so we understand how to support you, even as your needs change. Best of all, you get rock-solid financials and operational metrics—the kind of results and analyses you’ll need to see your entire business as you go through venture financing and an IPO.

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We reviewed the top cloud-based financial management software and chose Intacct over its competitors because it was better architected to support our complex revenue management requirements.
Victoria Bourne
SVP of Finance and Administration