Online Financial Software

Why choose best-in-class online financial software?

When looking for online financial software as opposed to an on-premises solution, you will see the advantages are clear. Your next decision is evaluating whether to buy a suite, or alternatively, a best-in-class solution. Here are some considerations:

  • Get the best of everything. With a suite, you are locked in to using software from a single company. A better solution is to allow every department in your organization the freedom to choose the applications that best fits its specific business and technology requirements.
  • More innovation. Look for an online financial software solution which is exclusively focused on financials. With a suite, focus on development is divided across multiple products. With a best-in-class solution, the focus is exclusively on developing financial software, with automatic updates which occur at a more rapid pace.
  • Integrate other cloud solutions. Make sure it is easy to integrate other cloud solutions with your online financial software. Look for built-in connectors or web services APIs which allow you to connect multiple systems for a streamlined experience.

Intacct cloud online financial software meets all these needs and more. We are best-in-class, focused only on developing the best financial software, and integrate with your existing applications. We also offer the Buy with Confidence guarantee, which ensures 99.9% uptime, disaster recovery, and rapid response from our customer service team.

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We selected Intacct because it met all of our needs for remote, online access in an easy to use, yet sophisticated solution.
Ramses R. Najem
Saranabu Sa Group