Online Accounting Software

Online accounting software is revolutionizing the ways businesses manage their finances

The fact is, you don't need to purchase expensive accounting software or to spend hours plowing through complicated reports.

The right online accounting software—software that’s stored and accessed in the cloud and integrated with your other key applications—is attractive for a number of organizations, from small business owners to larger public and private companies as well as nonprofit organizations. Intacct online accounting software not only simplifies and automates basic accounting tasks, it also provides real-time business insights—anytime, anywhere.

The advantages of online accounting software are clear:

  • Lower cost of ownership (TCO)—Intacct delivers world-class security backups, and disaster recovery, protecting your financial data at a much higher level and at a lower cost than if you did it yourself
  • Quarterly updates—Intacct delivers automatic quarterly upgrades—no business disruption, no costly hardware upgrades 
  • Integration—Intacct’s technology leverages open APIs, so it’s easy to connect your financial solution with other best-in-class cloud applications.

Through an easy-to-use interface, Intacct's online accounting software provides an intuitive, comprehensive view of every aspect of your business.Contact us to learn more.

We chose Intacct over Shelby Systems and ACS Technologies because it delivers everything we wanted—reliable dimensional reporting, with scalability for future growth in an easily accessible cloud environment.
Kelly Miller
Director of Finance
HighRidge Church