Nonprofit Financial Statements

Rising to the stewardship challenge

Tracking the financial performance in a nonprofit organization presents unique challenges—and outdated spreadsheets and manual processes won’t cut it. You need new and smarter ways to generate nonprofit financial statements that give you greater efficiency and managerial visibility. That translates into funding transparency and greater donor confidence.

Intacct ensures your nonprofit financial statements provide a complete view of the consolidated numbers, summaries, and details you need to manage your organization. Nonprofit organizations get real-time visibility, which means you can proactively manage your key initiatives, take timely action, and improve outcomes across funding sources, locations, grants, programs, and other dimensions. With Intacct, you can:

  • Generate payout reports, balance sheets by fund, or 990 reports—with just a few clicks
  • Save time with out-of-the-box compliance reports and analyses
  • Take corrective action sooner or capitalize on new opportunities
  • Use real-time dashboards with no programming knowledge

Don't get bogged down with tactical headaches. Contact Intacct now to learn more about how to streamline your processes to issue nonprofit financial statements—and stay focused on the real mission.

The efficiencies we’ve achieved by moving to Intacct have been better than we could have imagined and are extremely valuable to our organization. If we didn’t have Intacct, we would have needed at least another half-time resource at around $15,000 per year – not an insignificant cost for a nonprofit like us.
Jennifer Sharp
Senior Accounting Manager