FASB Revenue Recognition

Mastering FASB Revenue Recognition

With recent changes to the revenue recognition guidelines put forth by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), it’s more important than ever to continually evaluate your revenue recognition processes and ensure you’re on top of changes needed in your financial systems.

However, since requirements vary across companies and industries—particularly with multiple revenue types, such as subscriptions, licenses, and professional services—revenue recognition is the crucial process that only grows more complex.

As compliance requirements change, organizations are looking to automate revenue recognition so they can make adjustments quickly, saving time and resources, and reduce the risk of manual errors. Intacct’s revenue recognition management software helps you:

  • Strengthen compliance to achieve consistency throughout your organization
  • Control deferred-revenue transactions and manage their impact on your reporting and forecasting
  • Accelerate month-end closes
  • Minimize audit costs

Find out how Intacct can help you today! Contact us to learn more about FASB revenue recognition and revenue-management best practices.

With Intacct, we have real-time visibility into our key financial and operational metrics, and can slice and dice our financial information without having to use external reporting tools or set up complex charts of account.
Victoria Bourne
SVP of Finance and Administration