Cloud Accounting Solutions

Nucleus Research on the benefits of cloud accounting solutions

For several years, Nucleus Research has investigated and analyzed the experiences of many sites that have adopted cloud-based accounting solutions. Their research has confirmed that cloud accounting enables organizations to achieve rapid payback and high return on investment.

Nucleus found that cloud accounting solutions deliver greater return than on-premises implementations based on several factors:

  • Lower initial and ongoing costs
  • Faster, more predictable time to deployment
  • Greater flexibility to support changing needs of the business or adopt new technologies
  • Ability to deliver greater benefit over time without the costs and disruption traditionally associated with upgrades
  • Application access—anywhere, any time—from multiple devices

The Benefits of Intacct
In analyzing the ROI of Intacct cloud accounting solutions, Nucleus found that Intacct customers achieve both direct and indirect benefits, including increased productivity, greater visibility, reduced or avoided IT costs, improved inventory management, accelerated financial processes, and lower audit costs.

Nucleus also found that, for many customers, the greatest benefit of Intacct is the ability to scale and grow without corresponding increase in staff. Since evaluators are assessing the business case for the first time, they don’t know which benefits most important, most relevant, or most difficult to achieve. Be sure to consult current customers about the results they’ve achieved.

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After considering several vendors, we were most impressed by Intacct's approach—enabling efficient multi-entity posting of entries, real-time, transaction-level reporting across business lines, and anywhere, anytime access in the cloud.
Corporate Controller
Lasco Enterprises