Business Accounting Software

Achieve new levels of success with the right business accounting software

Cloud-based business accounting software has changed the face of finance and accounting, and savvy CFOs understand the many benefits. With business accounting software that’s built for the cloud, you can scale your business, reduce IT costs, and easily integrate with other systems within your organization. Even better—you can manage finances from anywhere, on any Internet-connected device.

That’s why thousands of businesses, from software companies to nonprofit organizations, use Intacct to improve business efficiency while cutting costs. With Intacct business accounting software, you can eliminate accounting errors while also gaining strategic insights, thanks to such advanced reporting features as:

  • Pre-defined dimensions that capture the business context of your transactions, operational measures, and budgets
  • The ability to track and report on both financial and operational data to see more information and gain more insight
  • Report visualizations that allow you to identify trends, spot exceptions, and compare performance across any business driver that matters to you—all from right within Intacct

The right cloud-based business accounting solution can bring new levels of success to your organization. Contact us today to learn more about Intacct.

Because of Intacct’s multi-dimensional approach and its great report writing system, it’s so easy to instantly pull up the exact reports or specific expenses we need.
Monica Emerson
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation