Faith-Based Organizations

Better stewardship means greater impact

Whether you’re running mission trips around the world or supporting a multi-campus ministry, churches and faith-based organizations are constantly striving to ensure the best support for their members and community while strengthening accountability and stewardship. Intacct cloud accounting for faith-based organizations helps you save money, automate processes, strengthen internal controls, and easily report to multiple stakeholders. Intacct helps your dollars go farther, so you can do more with less and be the best steward possible.

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See your whole organization

Intacct provides faith-based organizations with broad and deep real-time visibility into the numbers, budgets, reports, and metrics you need to optimally manage your organization. Access more than 150 standard reports (or easily build your own) to get a holistic, actionable view of your organization to sustain growth and strengthen impact.

Achieve more efficiency

With automated workflows and approvals, consolidations, and support for multiple currencies, entities, and locations, Intacct automates your entire accounting operation. For instance, you can easily manage ministries, campuses, programs, and funds—while monitoring key metrics in real time. Many Intacct customers find that they can reduce the time to manage fund accounting by 90 percent and increase the finance team’s productivity by 25 percent.

Eliminate the headaches of manual reporting

Intacct takes the pain and inefficiency out of your financial, operational, and compliance reporting with easy-to-use automated reporting tools. Forget the data re-entry and collection of disparate spreadsheets. Point and click to quickly and easily provide the data views that your leadership team needs to proactively manage a dynamic organization.

Keep it in the cloud

Intacct’s cloud architecture gives you a world-class financial management solution for your faith-based operation that you can deploy immediately – without the upfront expenses and IT headaches. Take advantage of complete security, guaranteed performance, and quarterly updates with efficient, pay-as-you-go subscriptions. And with Intacct’s open API architecture, you can easily integrate with other systems in your organization for even greater efficiency.

We were able to reduce our accounting staff by 1 and avoid another full-time hire, saving approximately $80,000 each year as a result of the extreme efficiencies we’ve gained with Intacct.
Reggie Alexis
Potential Church
Intacct is #1 in customer satisfaction. See how we compare.

Intacct is #1 in customer satisfaction.
See how we compare.

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