• Processes and Technology - The Two-Tiered Approach to ASC 606 Compliance

    You know from experience that the best way to get a job done is to approach it both with a plan and with the tools to carry it out that plan. In our continuing series on the new Revenue from Contracts with Customers (ASC 606) guidance, we propose you apply this same two-tiered approach to bringing your firm into compliance.

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  • Customer Story: Oryx Midstream Services Pairs Intacct with Ariett to Manage Spending Across Entities

    According to Karen Russell, VP of Finance and CAO at Oryx Midstream Services (www.oryxmidstream.com), the company’s previous accounting system and manual purchase order process wouldn’t cut it anymore for managing their millions in spending.  For her accounting team, Russell required the flexibility to access financial data any time and manage accounting across multiple entities. 
    These are the considerations that led Russell to opt for the cloud and to select Intacct’s Accounting Software and Ariett Purchase to Payment. 

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  • Hidden Costs of Paying Bills

    As a finance professional, you continually calculate direct costs, indirect costs, the cost of risk, and so on. When was the last time you assessed day-to-day costs within your own department?

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  • What Makes a Great Board Meeting?

    In countless boardrooms, it’s a scene that’s far too common. Every quarter, a hastily assembled set of constantly changing metrics are delivered while board members ask questions. So what makes for a great board meeting?

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  • Why Nonprofit Finance and Accounting Need to Ditch Excel

    We wouldn’t recommend change just for change’s sake, but without change there is no growth. When we find ourselves buried in Excel reports, spending hours on end trying to manipulate and reconcile data, we need to consider whether there’s a better option.

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