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Successful accounting firms must provide high-value strategic support to multiple offsite clients, plus run a tight ship in house. One key to maximizing the profitability of your client accounting practices is reducing time-consuming manual efforts. Another is ditching high-maintenance technology in favor of a modern, cloud-based financial management solution, like Intacct. Find out why Intacct is acknowledged as the preferred provider of financial applications by the AICPA. And see how joining the Intacct Accountants Program can help you gain visibility, increase efficiency, and focus on what matters—your clients.

High-value insights for your clients

Help your clients make business decisions. Intacct reports and dashboards include both operational and financial metrics, and can be segmented by project, product, location, or any business driver your clients need. Built-in reports make it easy to meet your client’s regulatory reporting requirements, and you can also easily create client-specific reports without coding or spreadsheet work. Reusable templates allow your firm to define reports once and leverage them across multiple clients so you don't have to re-invent the wheel with each client.

Better accounting services, greater firm productivity

Offer your clients complex accounting services without being constrained by technology or hiring more staff. Intacct accounting software for CPA firms provides best-in-class accounting capabilities and easy integration to CRM, payroll, and other point solutions. It automates client management and allows data to automatically flow between multiple systems. Spend less time entering data and correcting mistakes—and have more time to provide trusted advisor services.

Focus on your clients, not your technology

Born in the cloud, Intacct has always been a true SaaS, multi-tenant solution. Save on IT costs with no hardware to install and zero-impact upgrades. Protect your data with enterprise-grade security and backup and disaster recovery.  And work anywhere, anytime, with any client. Secure web-based access means no more emailed files, no more out-of-sync document versions, nothing to get between you and your client.

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 Customers’ favorite features include:

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Intacct has revolutionized our business, transforming us from a group of CPAs that provide traditional after-the-fact accounting services to a leading firm of forward thinking, proactive advisors.
Steve Jorgensen
Principal, Financial Management Service
N. Cheng & Company