Replacing Abila (Sage) MIP

Return on Mission: full speed ahead

Could your Abila (Sage) MIP accounting software be holding you back? Intacct was built from the start as a multi-tenant cloud solution. Freed from the burden of maintaining software on multiple platforms, our R&D efforts can stay focused on delivering new innovations to customers. Modern organizations thrive on anywhere, anytime access, electronic workflows, a truly paperless office—and a flexible, easy-to-use financial management system that can scale and adapt to meet evolving and growing needs. To maximize your return on mission, you need a modern, best-in-class cloud accounting solution: Intacct.

Empower the modern accounting team

Boost your team’s effectiveness and efficiency starting on day one—no custom coding or IT involvement required. With Intacct you can quickly create dashboards and reports tailored to your organization’s specific mission and operations, and easily work from any browser and any device with total security. Easily involve other key, nonfinancial stakeholders with anywhere, anytime access, automated workflows matched to your unique organization, and more.

Take advantage of flexibility and automation

When you automate your organization’s unique financial processes, you’ll make compliance an “of course” and free up time for strategic planning and management. However your organization evolves, and however you need your reporting, approvals, and workflows to function—Intacct's configurable architecture is ready.

Expect more from your metrics

With Intacct you can easily report financial information along with operational statistics (such as revenue per member, or volunteer hours), and then add calculations and other key performance analyses without resorting to spreadsheets or a data warehouse. See the whole truth about your organization—in real time, in one visit, to one system.

Easily connect with other solutions

Now you can easily connect disparate systems, leverage existing applications, and eliminate information silos. Streamline processes by seamlessly connecting Intacct with fundraising and donor management platforms (such as Salesforce), payment delivery services, and other specialized applications. Intacct cloud integration capabilities enable you to simply, reliably, and easily deploy web services, or to intuitively import data. These integrations will work even as we roll out Intacct upgrades, so your finance team can take advantage of the latest functionality without ever waiting on IT.

Gain efficiencies for multiple entities

If you're dealing with multiple entities, take advantage of Intacct’s unique multi-entity architecture. Gain streamlined access, operational oversight of multiple organizations, real-time consolidations, and the ability to automate (and keep secure) inter-entity transactions.

Key outcomes

  • Improve productivity with the modern features your finance team needs today and tomorrow
  • Gain a complete view of your financial and operational metrics to make better decisions
  • Easily connect multiple systems to streamline operations
Intacct is #1 in customer satisfaction. See how we compare.

Intacct is #1 in customer satisfaction.
See how we compare.

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