Why moving to Intacct is the right choice for your business

Find out why 7,000+ companies and organizations trust Intacct

If you are like most business or organizations, slashing your total cost of ownership and maximizing your productivity in every department—including finance—is mandatory if you want to grow. You can’t afford to sink money and time into a rigid accounting system that can’t meet your needs now or in the future.

You need a flexible solution that is cost-effective to deploy, manage, and maintain as your business changes. You need Intacct, a cloud-based financial management system that has been recognized by the AICPA as the preferred provider of financial applications.

Reasons You Should Move to Intacct

  • You are tired of the extra hardware, customization effort and ongoing IT support required by aging on-premises financial management applications like Microsoft Dynamics GP or Sage.
  • Your organization has outgrown QuickBooks. You need a new system that automates time-consuming manual processes, eliminates complex spreadsheets, and improves efficiencies.
  • Your existing cloud-based financial solution, such as NetSuite, can’t keep pace with your changing business needs without extra work and costs associated with maintenance and customizations.

Why choose Intacct ?

  • You need comprehensive automation that increases your speed and efficiency across all key financial processes.
  • You want total visibility into your financial and operational data at all levels to run your business more effectively.
  • You need a solution that meets your changing business requirements.
  • You want a cloud-based solution that lowers your operating costs by eliminating hardware and reducing your software and dependence on scarce IT resources.
  • You want a higher level of security than you can afford on your own.