Manage multiple locations, perform multi-dimensional analysis, and gain unprecedented insight into your business.

Intacct helps leading hospitality businesses—such as single- and multiple-property hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality-related organizations—optimize operations, increase margins, automate manual processes, and make better, faster decisions.

Cloud computing works especially well for hospitality management, because it enables you to focus on your guests while Intacct takes care of your financial management and accounting. Meet the challenges of a dynamic, changing market with specialized financial management and accounting for the hospitality industry, optimized to help you manage multiple locations, boost profitability, and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.

Gain real-time financial and operational visibility tailored to your hospitality business.

Get a 360˚ view of your entire business using hospitality accounting software from Intacct. Our flexible and extensible general ledger provides a strong foundation for planning, reporting, and analysis so you can track real-time performance centrally and across all of your locations. View the information by individual location, by groups of locations, by concept, by region—or by any other metrics you use to measure performance.

Dig in to the data behind the reports with comprehensive drill-down capabilities across properties, locations, vendors, customers—or anything else important to your business. Improve cash flow management and revenue forecasting with real-time visibility into current inflows, outflows, and revenue streams.

Ensure strong financial controls.

Intacct hospitality accounting software makes easy for staff to enter and view information for specific properties and locations—without giving them access to the financials of other locations or the entire business. Control access to the system with sophisticated security and granular permissions and workflows that enable you to define user permissions for access to specific processes, transaction documents, or reports.

Easily manage complex financial structures.

Intacct Global Consolidations provides the financial flexibility to support virtually any operating or ownership structure—including franchise operations, fractional ownership, global business units, and other complex holding structures—that you can track and close on a daily basis. Enable each property or location to use its own chart of accounts, taxation rules, and financial reporting requirements while managing real-time consolidations from the parent company. Plus, you can set up centralized or decentralized purchasing.

See a global view of consolidated financials across entities, and drill down to subsidiary source transactions, real time receivables, and payables. Automate inter-entity consolidations and eliminations.

Seamlessly integrate financial management with business critical applications.

Save money and reclaim time spent troubleshooting third party software with pre-built integration to leading applications. Link to leading point of sale and front-office systems, as well as to asset management, payroll, attendance, and payment applications. Future-proof your Intacct investment using open web services to connect to on-premises or cloud-based applications you're using now or considering in the future.

Dramatically reduce IT costs.

Take advantage of our cloud-based system and provide each of your facilities with secure access to up-to-the minute information from a browser—at any time, from anywhere.

Avoid purchasing and supporting servers, or other IT hardware, and infrastructure at your locations—as well as hiring IT staff to manage the system—saving up to 75% off upfront costs. Eliminate the need to acquire, house, and maintain redundant equipment to ensure security, reliability, and scalability. Let Intacct manage all application maintenance and upgrades—saving approximately 1 FTE by eliminating the need to manage IT hardware and software. Save more by taking advantage of regularly scheduled, automatic version upgrades.

Deploy Intacct in weeks—compared to months for the typical on-premises application—for rapid return on investment.