Faith-based organizations

Focus on your mission - not on running software

Serve your members, create a community, provide great service, and deliver on your mission.

Put your financial processes, reporting, and analysis back where they belong—inside your church's financial software.

No need to resort to Excel for reporting, wasting hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars every year. Intacct automates fund, grant, member, and project accounting, reducing the time required to manage financial operations by more than 90%—increasing faith-based or church accounting department productivity by 25% or more.

Intacct helps faith-based organizations of all types—individual churches or synagogues, independent community ministries, regional dioceses or archdioceses, denominational headquarters or federations, or even international missions or mega-ministries—manage cash, provide visibility to management, and stick to strict budgets.

Let Intacct church financial software help you focus on fulfilling your mission with minimum cost and maximum productivity. You can learn more about how Faith Promise Church uses Intacct church accounting software to accomplish more with less in this article from Church Executive Magazine.

See why leading faith-based organizations count on Intacct cloud-based financial management and accounting applications.

Gain real-time financial visibility and operational insights.

Keep a pulse on the financial health of your entire organization—as well as the health of individual projects—with a multidimensional, multi-ledger architecture. Gain a single source of truth by providing key stakeholders with real time, consistent information. Access summaries, balances, and transaction details instantly with real-time, automatically synchronized, general and sub-ledgers.

Ensure strong financial controls.

Effectively manage compliance, while reducing costs and risk. Automate purchasing and employee expense management, and define custom approval workflows for purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and employee expense reports. Make it easy to define multiple levels of approvers using flexible approval processes. Manage and enforce compliance with comprehensive audit trails.

Streamline reporting and compliance, while ensuring proper stewardship of funds.

Ensure control and regulatory compliance with nonprofit accounting and tax standards. Segregate, track, and audit uses and sources of an unlimited number of funds. Tie time and expenses at the employee, task or project level back to one or more sources of funds. Manage complex accounting standards, federal and industry regulations, including FAS 116, FAS 117, 501(c)(3), and IRS Form 990. Configure all reporting, analysis, modeling and planning to cross fiscal periods and to span multiple fiscal periods.

Realize significant return on investment.

Gain unprecedented return on investment (ROI)—from 50 to 300%—by streamlining manual processes, eliminating errors and duplicate entries, and improving team productivity while consolidating financial management and accounting into a single, comprehensive system. Free up to 200 hours per staff accountant per year by reducing the time required to fix data errors and reconcile church finances.

Provide anytime, anywhere access for breakthrough financial and regulatory reporting.

Intacct accounting software for churches take advantage of always-on cloud services to enable all your stakeholders to view Intacct reports and dashboards securely in real time, at any time, from anywhere. Comply with very specific reporting needs using flexible financial reporting tools plus a large library of more than 150 built-in financial reports that support key regulatory reporting requirements. Improve cash flow management and expense reporting with deep visibility into current and projected inflows, outflows, and funding streams.

Seamlessly integrate financial management with key systems.

  • Save money and reclaim time spent troubleshooting third party software with pre-built integration to leading applications.
  • Link to leading membership management, asset management, event management, payroll, and bill payment applications.
  • Future-proof your Intacct investment by using open Web services to connect to on-premises or cloud-based applications you're using now or considering in the future.
Dramatically reduce IT costs.

Use Intacct church accounting software to focus on your organization’s mission rather than building a technical infrastructure.

Give all your staff, volunteers, even board members, secure access to your most current data from any PC, Mac, iPad, or smart phone —at any time, from anywhere. The Intacct cloud infrastructure helps us achieve economies of scale that make it possible to deliver better service for less money than you can ever afford to do yourself—saving your organization tens of thousands of dollars every year.

Avoid purchasing and supporting servers, or other IT hardware, and infrastructure at your locations—as wells as hiring IT staff to manage the system. Eliminate the need to acquire, house, and maintain redundant equipment to ensure security, reliability, and scalability. You can count on Intacct to manage all operations, application maintenance, and upgrades in the cloud—saving on average $50,000 per year in IT costs.

Deploy Intacct in 60 days or less—compared to months for typical on-premises nonprofit accounting software. Plus you can achieve full payback in less than six months—with more than 100% annual return on investment.