Nonprofit organizations

Select the nonprofit accounting software trusted by thousands organizations like yours.

Streamline grant, fund, project, and donor accounting with specialized nonprofit financial management and accounting capabilities.

Put your financial processes, reporting, and analysis back where they belong—inside your financial management and accounting system.

No need to resort to Excel for reporting, wasting hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars every year. Intacct accounting software for nonprofits automates fund, grant, member, and project accounting, reducing the time required to manage fund accounting by more than 90%—increasing finance department productivity by 25% or more.

Intacct helps leading nonprofits of all types—including charities, trade and membership associations, cultural institutions, charter schools, and faith-based organizations—save money, increase revenue, and improve operations—with robust financial management for nonprofits.

Let Intacct help you focus on fulfilling your mission with minimum cost and maximum productivity.

Dramatically reduce IT costs.

Take advantage of our cloud-based system and provide all your staff, volunteers, even board members, with secure access to up-to-the minute information from any PC, Mac, iPad, or smart phone —at any time, from anywhere. The Intacct cloud infrastructure helps us achieve economies of scale that make it possible to deliver better service for less money than you can ever afford to do yourself—saving your organization tens of thousands of dollars every year.

Avoid purchasing and supporting servers, or other IT hardware, and infrastructure at your locations—as wells as hiring IT staff to manage the system. Eliminate the need to acquire, house, and maintain redundant equipment to ensure security, reliability, and scalability. You can count on Intacct to manage all operations, application maintenance, and upgrades in the cloud—saving on average $50,000 per year in IT costs.

Deploy Intacct in weeks—compared to months for typical on-premises nonprofit accounting software. Plus you can achieve full payback in less than six months—with more than 100% annual return on investment.

Provide anytime/anywhere access and visibility.

Make it easy for your entire organization to access your nonprofit accounting software from anywhere, at any time of day. All you need is an Internet connection and a PC, Mac, iPad or smart phone, and you and your staff can work from any location. Enable volunteers to enter time and expenses from anywhere, making it easier for staff to stay current with expense entry. Plus, increase donations and improve board confidence by providing online dashboards and reports for your donors and board members.

Take advantage of superior nonprofit financial management and accounting

Intacct financial management solutions for nonprofits feature robust, award-winning fund, grant and donor accounting, flexible budgeting and planning, and real-time reporting and dashboards. Engage both employees and volunteers in your financial processes with built-in expense management, time and billing, and purchasing management .

  • Intacct fund accounting ensures world-class stewardship of donations, grants, and funds.
  • Automate revenue management, billing, and collection—saving hundreds of hours of staff time every year.
  • Reduce the time required to manage fund accounting by 25% or more.
  • Save hours every month and eliminate errors by getting rid of spreadsheets to calculate allocations.
  • Publish key performance indicators for critical financial and non-financial metrics—improving the performance of your entire organization
Monitor and track budgets.

Intacct software for nonprofits makes it easy to review budgeted amounts, dollars spent, committed funds, and available budget. Quickly produce comparative statements for your management staff and board of directors showing the budget-to-actual position for your programs, grants, departments, and other cost centers. Easily estimate future periods and calculate forecasted financial positions, including "what-if" scenarios for better decision making.

Streamline reporting and compliance.

Tap into our built-in library of more than 150 reports, including nonprofit-specific financial management reports and FASB and IRS compliant financial statements. Easily report across multiple fiscal years, and create custom reports that match your specific requirements without wasting time in Excel. Set up an unlimited number of financial statements and save them for future use. Ensure compliance with federal reporting requirements, including:

  • FAS 116: accounting for contributions
  • FAS 117: financial statements for nonprofit organizations.
  • Segregation and auditing of uses and sources of funds
  • 501(c)(3) charitable vs. non-exempt activities
  • IRS Form 990
Simplify grant, fund, and donor accounting.

Easily track grant, fund, and donor details, reporting periods, restrictions, indirect cost rates, notes, custom fields, and much more using specially designed software for nonprofits. Monitor your organization's budget position using role-based dashboards to ensure proper fund administration and spending. Measure the effectiveness of your organization's programs and demonstrate your financial responsibility to donors, grantors, volunteers, and others.

Master multi-entity and multi-currency requirements.

If you're currently managing multi-entity operations manually using multiple copies of accounting software and Excel for reporting, you'll slash hundreds of hours every year with Intacct accounting for nonprofits.

Whether you're a cultural institution that runs a museum and a retail operation, a fraternal organization that manages hundreds of independent chapters, or a global industry association with subsidiaries and satellite offices in multiple countries—Intacct provides nonprofit-specific functionality to automate multi-entity, multi-site, multi-currency, and multi-country operations.

  • Streamline inter-entity transactions, allocations, eliminations, and financial consolidation, reporting, and analysis with extensive built-in automation.
  • Take advantage of deep support for global nonprofits with automatic multi-currency transactions and reporting.
  • Store, manage, and report any data in all major languages and currencies.