Multinational organizations

Manage your global or multinational financials from the Intacct cloud.

Professional strength multi-ledger, multi-currency, multi-entity architecture, rich functionality, and strict audit and compliance features help you see what’s happening in your organization in real time—on multiple continents and in multiple time zones.

Some of the greatest challenges for financial management in multinational organizations comprise complex regulatory frameworks, geographies, laws, currencies, and other issues. Fortunately, Intacct can help you master these complexities with an innovative technical foundation and the right functionality to handle the complex tactical and strategic challenges of multinational accounting, financial reporting, and regulatory requirements.

Hundreds of multinational organizations use Intacct to manage complex global operations—supporting different business entities operating in multiple business models, statutory and tax regimes, languages, currencies, and locations.

  • Use professional strength applications. From core accounting and complex consolidations to global financial management, only Intacct combines uncommon usability, sophisticated functionality, and enterprise power and performance, delivered anywhere, anytime.
  • Support distributed and global businesses. Generate the reports, analyses, planning models, and plans you need to move your business forward while reducing the cost of compliance across your entire company.
  • Gain infinite visibility into worldwide financial and operational information. Take advantage of advanced reporting capabilities and real-time role-based dashboards to dig into data at any level you need—for a consolidated, real-time view of data, at both the global and local levels, without having to perform currency translations—saving time and improving accuracy by providing a single source of truth.
  • Automate financial consolidations. Automate inter-entity transactions and eliminations with single-click global accounting consolidation software. Consolidate financials quickly and easily from multiple business units—even those that may also transact in multiple currencies.
  • Manage complex, multi-entity operations both locally and centrally. Unique multi-entity management accommodates differing charts of accounts, calendars, accounting treatments, and ownership structures. Span locations, accounting methods, geographies, currencies, entities, statutory vs. tax vs. managerial reporting—all in one secure, auditable, and compliant system.
  • Streamline multi-company accounting. Software from Intacct can help you easily track transactions between regions, subsidiaries, and separate legal entities with the same parent company.
  • Improve internal controls and governance. Ensure role-based controls, and complete transparency with support for all major regulatory and industry frameworks, including GAAP, FASB, IASB, IFRS, Sarbanes-Oxley—specifically Section 302 sub-certifications and Section 404 assessments—and tax compliance.
  • Take advantage of sophisticated security and access controls. Intacct makes it easy to define roles and permissions—down to the individual—to restrict users and functionality, and segregate duties. Tailor access to transactions, reports, fields, invoices, and more. Smart rules trigger system alerts or actions based on events and transactions.
  • Preserve software investments. Integrate Intacct with your portfolio of current and future enterprise applications to make the most of your software investments. Check out our top rating on the Salesforce AppExchange.
  • Access your financial system—anytime, anywhere. Intacct delivers secure role-based access to financial applications for all of your employees, wherever they may be – remote offices, traveling, at home.
  • Tap into the cloud. Draw on the power of cloud computing, with robust, enterprise-class applications, true multi-tenancy, on-demand per-user pricing, no upfront expenditures, and the manageability and scalability that only the largest individual companies could ever achieve. Secure and redundant systems ensure high availability and reliability—as well as all upgrades and maintenance.