Why Intacct

Efficiency and performance. If you are a financial professional in a growing organization, these are your keys to success. Intacct was built to give you those keys, and to do it better than anyone else. First, we automate your processes to increase accuracy, improve compliance, and ultimately make your business run better every day, every week, every month. Second, we give you the insight into your financial and operating data to make strategic decisions, and the flexibility you need to act fast. The ultimate benefit? You can stop merely coping with business growth, and start driving it.

Why we’re different

Here’s how Intacct can make a big difference in your organization.

  • Built for finance. Choose a partner that spends every R&D dollar on providing value to the modern financial professional. More
  • Built for growth. With more automation, insight, and flexibility, you can increase efficiency and drive business growth.  More
  • Built for the cloud. Give your team the advantage of a true, modern cloud solution. Intacct is easy to use, works anywhere, and connects easily with other best-in-class solutions. More
  • Built for success. Expect great results with Intacct. On average, our customers achieve a 250% ROI with the solution and less than 6-month payback period. More
  • Built for public companies. Go public with the right controls and accounting and reporting procedures. Then grow with a flexible, scalable, automated system providing real-time insights. More

Why we’re better

Discover the reasons why Intacct may be the best option for your business.