Managing and Administering Intacct

This 1.5-day (9 hour) hands-on course is designed to teach the Intacct Application Administrator how to perform ongoing administrative tasks in Intacct.

Class Details

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Audience: This course is designed for Intacct administrators who need to make modifications to user permissions, manage contact information, change company information, and modify previously selected system preferences.

You will need to have the following experience with Intacct:

  • Navigating Intacct menus
  • Ability to use the Report Center
Class Length:
  • Classroom: 1.5 days, or
  • Virtual Classroom: Three 3-hour sessions
What You Need: This is a hands-on course. Intacct will provide a sample environment for the activities. For the virtual classroom, you will need a laptop (not a tablet), as well as Internet and phone connections.
CPE Credits: This course is eligible for 9 CPE credits.
Cost: $600

Course Objectives


At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify your Intacct structure and understand why it matters
  • Update and create users and security permissions
  • Efficiently manage and update contact records
  • Assigned permissions and user groups
  • Maintain and modify approval processes
  • Update company information and subscriptions
  • Update vendor, customer or employee information, default dimension data, and add custom fields to capture information unique to your business
  • Use dimension groups
  • Use reporting tools to capture, grant permission, and store reports
  • Manage attachments in Intacct
  • Share, create, and manage list views
  • Use a dashboard to monitor out-of-date transactions and error reports

Course Topics

Company Structures
  • Identify different company structures
  • Describe how subledgers interact with the general ledger
  • Describe Intacct multi-book architecture
  • Enter data appropriately in multi-entity structures
Manage and Update Contact Records
  • Create contact records
  • Update contact records
  • Link contact records
  • Add additional contacts to customers and vendors
Create and Manage Users
  • Create new users
  • Describe user types
  • Assign admin privileges
  • Inactivate and reactivate users
  • Reset user passwords
  • Change user preferences
Managing Permissions
  • Identify role-based vs. user-based permissions
  • Enable and test role-based permissions
  • Create and assign roles to users
  • View permission reports
  • Grant access to Intacct Customer Support
  • Create and assign user groups
  • Manage financial report and dashboard permissions
Managing Approval Processes
  • Turn on or turn off approval processes
  • Assign approval process permissions
  • Setup approval notifications
  • Create list view for approval processes
Update Company Information and Subscriptions
  • Change company settings
  • Change security settings
  • Modify company schedules
  • Use company message boards
  • Turn on or off company subscriptions
  • Manage schedules and entity address information
Update Customer, Vendor, and Employee Information
  • Create and use custom fields
  • Add dimension data to customers and vendors
  • Update customers, vendors, and employees
  • Update information in custom fields
Use Dimension Groups
  • Create dimension groups
  • View existing dimension groups
  • Add, edit, and delete dimension groups
  • Use dimension groups
  • Utilize a dimension group as a dimension structure
  • Use a custom field to create dimension groups
Use Reporting Tools to Store and Run Reports
  • Memorize reports
  • Create a report group
  • Schedule and store reports in the cloud
Managing Attachments in Intacct
  • Create Intacct attachment folders
  • Assign default folders to users
  • View and manage attachments
Managing List Views
  • Set the appearance and define contents of list views
  • Create custom list views to include preferred columns, filters, and sorting preferences
  • Change views
  • Modify and delete custom list views
  • Set personal page defaults
  • Filter lists by dimension groups
Create a Dashboard for Aging Transactions and Error Reports
  • Create a dashboard
  • Add list views to dashboards
  • Add reports to dashboards
  • View aging information on a dashboard