Financial Reporting and Dashboards

This 2-day (12-hour) course is designed to teach you the essentials of using, creating, and managing financial reports and dashboards in Intacct. You will use account groups, dimensions, calculations, and books to create reports for analyzing data and audit-ready financials. Learn how to organize your reports into report groups. Create performance cards and dashboards to provide insight into your organization's performance and to help manage your workflows and business processes.

Class Details

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Audience This course is designed for experienced Intacct business users, report designers, accounting staff, and financial controllers who have a need to build new reports or customize existing reports.
Prerequisite(s): A solid working knowledge of how to navigate the Intacct user interface and a good working knowledge of basic accounting, financial, and statutory reporting.
Class Length:
  • Classroom: 2 days, or 
  • Virtual Classroom: Four 3-hour sessions
What You Need:

This is a hands-on course. Intacct will provide a sample environment for the activities. For the virtual classroom, you will need a laptop (not a tablet), as well as Internet and phone connections.

CPE Credits: This course is eligible for 12 CPE credits.
Cost: $800

Course Objectives


At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • View reports and set related preferences
  • Work with standard reports, lists, and registers
  • Create financial, statistical, budget, forecast, and book reports
  • Manage reports in the Report Center
  • Create and manage performance cards and dashboards

Course Topics

Introduction to Intacct Reporting and Dashboards
  • Describe Intacct reporting and dashboard functionality and architecture
  • Define Intacct reporting and dashboard terminology
  • Describe user permissions related to reports and dashboards
  • Navigate and view reports and dashboards
  • Set user preferences related to reports and dashboards
  • Export reports in different formats
Defining your Reporting Data Sources
  • Working with Reporting Periods

    • View the list of reporting periods
    • Create, edit, and delete reporting periods
  • Working with a Chart of Accounts

    • Describe the chart of accounts in Intacct
    • View a list of general ledger accounts, statistical accounts, and budgets
    • Create, edit, and delete accounts
    • Create and maintain statistical accounts
  • Creating and Managing Account Groups

    • Describe how account groups are used for reporting
    • Create and manage account groups
    • View and export account group hierarchy reports and graphs
  • Working with Dimensions

    • Describe dimensions and dimension groups as they relate to Intacct reporting
    • Repurpose standard dimensions
    • Compare report data by dimensions
    • Create and manage dimension groups
  • Working with Books

    • Describe tax, GAAP, and user-defined reporting books in Intacct
    • View and manage tax, GAAP, and user-defined journal entries
    • Describe the process of generating reports on specialized accounting entries
Working with Standard Reports, Lists, and Registers
  • Describe the standards reports in Intacct
  • Run default standard reports
  • Modify standard reports
  • Apply sort criteria and filters
  • Memorize reports
  • Set appearance and define contents of list views
  • Create custom list views
  • Change views
  • Modify and delete custom list views
  • Create reports from list views
  • Set personal page defaults
  • Filter lists by dimension groups
Creating Reports in Financial Report Writer
  • Creating Financial and Statistical Reports

    • Describe Intacct’s QuickStart Financials
    • Create financial and statistical reports
    • Modify reports
    • Set permissions
    • Add reports to dashboards
  • Working with Calculations in Reports

    • Add calculations to reports
    • Define calculations in computation columns
    • Select display options for percentage data
  • Creating Reports from Tax, GAAP, and User-Defined Books

    • Describe Intacct’s multi-book reporting options
    • Compare report data on different reporting book basis
    • Include books in standard general ledger reports
Managing Reports
  • Schedule report generation
  • Specify report delivery
  • Select storage options
  • Duplicate, edit, and delete reports
  • Create a report group
  • View the list of report groups in your organization
  • Schedule report groups
Working with Graph Reports
  • Describe the General Ledger Graph Wizard
  • Create and edit graphs
Working with Dashboards
  • Create dashboards
  • Configure dashboard properties
  • Add dashboard components and configure component settings 
  • Set dashboard preferences
  • Create and configure performance cards
  • Modify performance cards
  • Edit and delete performance cards
  • Change dashboard ownership
  • Sort and filter dashboards
  • Delete dashboards