Advanced Reporting and Insights

This 1-day (6 hour) course is designed to teach how to setup and perform multi-dimensional reporting for analyzing and presenting your financial and operational results through key business metrics. Leverage Intacct user-defined books to create complex reports.  You also learn how to use the Custom Report Wizard to create custom reports.

Class Details

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Audience: This course is designed for experienced Intacct business users, report designers, accounting staff, and financial controllers who have a need to build complex reports or customize existing reports.
Prerequisite(s): A thorough working knowledge of Intacct standard reports and applications. Attendance in the Financial Reporting and Dashboards course is recommended.
Class Length:
  • Classroom: 1 day, or
  • Virtual Classroom: Two 3-hour sessions
What You Need:

This is a hands-on course. Intacct will provide a sample environment for the activities. For the virtual classroom, you will need a laptop (not a tablet), as well as Internet and phone connections.

CPE Credits: This course is eligible for 6 CPE credits.
Cost: $400

Course Objectives


At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Setup dimension structures for key business metrics reporting
  • Perform multi-dimensional analysis of your financial and operational results through dimension structures
  • Create custom financial and operational reports for reports and dashboards
  • Create and maintain reporting books
  • Create dashboards to display business metrics and trends, exception reports, and watch lists
  • Create reports with complex calculations

Course Topics

Creating Dimension Groups
  • Describe Intacct multi-dimensional reporting
  • View existing dimension groups
  • Add and edit dimension groups based on custom fields
  • Delete dimension group members and groups
  • Create custom fields for use in dimension groups and structures
Defining Dimension Structures
  • Create dimension structures
  • View and edit dimension structures
  • Control the displayed order of dimension members in a financial report
Creating Multi-Dimensional Reports
  • Create multi-dimensional reports
  • Add dimension attributes to reports
  • Apply filters, expansion, and levels of detail for reporting analysis
Creating Reports with Complex Calculations
  • Define a mathematical computation for use in financial and operational reports
  • Specify where computation columns and computation account groups are used
  • Create multi-step computation columns
  • Hide computation columns
  • Create and edit computation accounts groups for use in financial and operational reports
Building and Reporting Metrics and Ratios
  • Explain how Intacct dimensions are used to track business metrics and trends
  • Identify key business metrics that matter for reporting
  • Identify transactions and transaction details that enable metric analysis
  • Configure Intacct to leverage your business metrics
  • Create business metric reports and dashboards
  • Add performance card metrics and trends to dashboards
Creating and Reporting with User-Defined Books
  • Describe user-defined books
  • Verify or enable user-defined books in Intacct
  • Grant permissions to user-defined books, journals, and journal entries
  • Create user-defined book and journals
  • Add journal entries for user-defined books
  • Create a report based on a user-defined books
  • Create a committed purchase book and workflow
Creating Exception Reports and Dashboards
  • Discuss exception reports uses
  • Create and run exception reports
  • Edit and manage exception reports
  • Add or customize exception reports for dashboards
Creating Custom Reports with Custom Report Wizard
  • Describe the custom reporting process
  • Create custom reports
  • Report on custom fields
  • Save, run, and duplicate custom reports