Subscription Billing

The subscription lifecycle made easy

There’s a simple way to manage your subscription revenue model and escape the pain of using manual methods and disconnected applications. Built on the Salesforce1 platform, and created to take advantage of Intacct best-in-class revenue management capabilities, Intacct Subscription Billing streamlines the complete subscription lifecycle. Make your accounting and sales teams instantly more efficient by automating billing, subscription changes, and revenue recognition. And more easily attract new customers and retain existing ones with flexible pricing and accurate billing.

Bill accurately and on-time even as your company grows

No matter how your organization evolves or how quickly it grows, Intacct Subscription Billing automatically generates your company’s billing, delivers customer invoices and statements, and updates the accounting system. Eliminate the billing inaccuracies that can arise with greater billing volumes, a problem made worse by using manual methods and disconnected systems.

Maximize sales with subscription lifecycle management

Reduce churn by automatically triggering renewal orders as the subscription end date approaches. Enable your sales team to more easily manage add-on orders including upsells and downgrades, right within Salesforce. Rather than starting over with a new contract, your sales team can simply modify current ones—without dealing with the underlying complexities of those changes.

Design billing to meet customer wants—not system limitations

Create pricing and packaging (products and services) that will entice and delight customers today. Then quickly deploy new offerings and new revenue models as your business strategies continue to evolve. You can manage one-time sales as easily as subscriptions, and employ usage billing and other pricing strategies that work best for your customers. Bill on a fixed term or milestone basis, independent of accounting requirements.

Leverage best-in-class revenue management capabilities

Automatically capture new subscription contract details and use them to account for revenue under the appropriate recognition rules, independent of billing and pricing terms. Your Intacct subscription accounting system also automates the accounting for changes to subscription terms such as add-ons, change orders, and cancellations.

Get paid faster with electronic payment

Intacct Subscription Billing enables you to accept credit card payments so you can automatically charge clients at the invoice due date—and automatically account for payments within Intacct.

Key benefits

  • Reduce errors, speed processes, save time and effort, and scale up easily with streamlined order entry and billing automation
  • Quickly deploy new offerings with flexible pricing and packaging strategies designed to attract and retain customers
  • Enable sales operations to easily manage subscription changes, and trigger the needed billing and revenue recognition adjustments, from within the familiar Salesforce environment

Intacct G2 Crowd

Intacct has easily grown with us over the past few years as we have exponentially increased subscriptions, and expanded from around 150 employees to four times that amount.
Judd Christensen