Software and SaaS

Financial management in the fast lane

In software and SaaS businesses, rapid growth brings certain pressures to the finance team: more accounting complexity, less time to adapt to changes, and additional reporting requirements. Intacct lessens your load by automating even the most complex financial processes. It adapts to your unique business needs, even as those needs change. And it produces the rock-solid financials required as you go through rounds of funding and an IPO. But most importantly, it’s the only cloud accounting solution that lets you see your whole business. From every angle, for every decision you need to make. Pressure, relieved.

Deepest Salesforce CRM integration

Streamline your quote-to-cash process by connecting sales with finance. No financial management solution offers deeper Salesforce CRM integration than Intacct, with a cloud-based connection pre-built on the Salesforce platform. Get a full view of each customer, resulting in faster sales cycles, improved customer service, and more timely reporting.

Painless revenue recognition

It’s hard to comply with complex, evolving revenue recognition requirements, and manual calculations can lead to errors, delayed closes, and financial restatements. Intacct SaaS accounting system has a proven record of automating revenue accounting for software companies, so you can rely on our expertise and solution to achieve compliance in the most efficient way possible.

Simpler subscription management

Intacct automates your subscription billings, renewals, and revenue accounting so you can eliminate invoicing missteps and stay in compliance with customer contracts and revenue recognition guidelines. Plus, you can quickly get a holistic view of your subscription business performance by tracking financial data with key business metrics such as MRR, CAC, and more. Intacct also offers a pre-integrated connection with Zuora, so you can move up to advanced subscription management if and when you need to.

Insight at the moment of decision

Your company needs to meet the intense pre-IPO reporting needs of investors and the SEC, followed by the post-IPO forecasting demands of the market. Meanwhile, you have your own internal reporting needs, and don’t have time to wrangle with spreadsheets or wait for the team to close the books to see how your business is doing. Intacct’s reports and dashboards give you the fullest, fastest, most flexible view of your business. It’s a view that that includes real-time financial and operational data and can be segmented by any business driver that’s important to you. Get the insight you need to keep making great business-building decisions.

Customers’ favorite features include:

As Chief Financial Officer, I rely on Intacct, I know that it works. I know that it takes away a lot of the risk that we might otherwise have in doing business in 24 countries around the world. I know that Intacct consistently and reliably produces financial information that is not going to put me or the company at risk. It’s a company that I want to grow with, I want to continue to do more business with…because they really value their customers.
Ken Goldman
Black Duck Software