Revenue Management

The most complete solution for growing businesses

Fast-growing businesses choose Intacct to automate subscription management and complex revenue accounting, while delivering deep insights into financial and operational outcomes.

Tackle complex customer contracts and revenue accounting with powerful, sophisticated cloud ERP

  • Ensure compliance with current and new SEC, FASB, AICPA, and other accounting standards such as ASC 606 and IFRS 15, without touching a single spreadsheet
  • Prepare for the transition to ASC 606 and IFRS 15 with dual reporting that details the impact of the new rules on revenues, expenses, and forecasts
  • Streamline subscription and recurring revenue management for real-time updates to accounting and billing for discounts, usage, renewals, upgrades, changes, and cancellations
  • Automate the accounting and billing for services engagements based on milestones, schedule, or percentage completion while providing transparent, detailed bills to customers

Automate your most important process—turning orders into cash

  • Integrate with Salesforce for a seamless, bi-directional flow of order, customer, and contract data to save time and reduce errors from manual processes
  • See the impact of customer changes as they occur—new, churn, and more—and take action without waiting until the end of the accounting period

Deliver relevant insights to all stakeholders

  • Provide deep, actionable views into revenue and profitability across products, divisions, customers, salespeople, and more, with individually customized dashboards and reports for your stakeholders
  • Gain insight into every stage of the process: order, revenue recognition, deferred revenue, billing, and collection, so you ensure rapid responses to customers