Revenue Management

The smart, easy way to manage revenue

Revenue management can quickly become challenging, especially when you need to account for multiple revenue types, such as subscriptions, licenses, and professional services. Many on-premises accounting solutions can’t handle these kinds of complex revenue scenarios. But if you rely on manual calculations or spreadsheets, human errors can result in revenue leakage and incorrect financial statements. Ready to make it easier? You can, with Intacct.

Connect workflows

Intacct receives data directly from Salesforce CRM and your other business systems, so that your revenue processes are accurate, under-billing is not a concern, and you can make decisions based on numbers that are up to date and in sync.

Automate for efficiency

Generate billing schedules, manage changes, update revenue recognition calculations—and more. All while ensuring compliance with the SEC, FASB, and Sarbanes-Oxley standards. And all without touching a single spreadsheet.

Understand business drivers

What’s the by-product of greater integration, accuracy, and efficiency? Information you can rely on to gain a better understanding of future revenues, projected renewals, and deferred revenue. Intacct’s reporting is best in class, built to deliver the insight you need for forecasting and decision-making.

Key benefits

  • Optimize billing, contract renewals, and customer relationships
  • Increase accuracy and reduce revenue leakage
  • Save time on daily and monthly revenue management processes
  • Enhance visibility, forecasting accuracy, and decision-making
Intacct’s comprehensive automation lets us work much faster, so we’ve avoided hiring additional headcount on our finance team, saving the company $50,000 every year.
Gina Keller
Director of Accounting