Best-in-class financial software

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Transform your finance organization with best-in-class Intacct cloud-based financial software systems.

Stop wasting precious time and resources on cumbersome manual processes and hard-to-decipher spreadsheets. Let Intacct cloud-based financial applications help you deliver efficiencies and strategic insights to steer the growth of your organization.

Intacct is one of the industry's best financial software helping you generate immediate value by delivering extensive and real-time automation and eliminating manual processes. Drive faster business decisions with deep, real-time visibility into the performance of your organization.

Intacct—the only AICPA-preferred provider of financial applications—taps into the power of cloud computing for greater speed, increased cost-effectiveness, and superior manageability—helping you save thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars every year. Learn more about our partnership with the AICPA and

Build a financial management foundation with a reliable strategic partner you can depend on to meet the needs of your business—today and into the future.

A flexible and scalable, financial software systems foundation that works for your business—today and into the future.

Intacct delivers professional-strength financial applications that are purpose-built to deliver real-time reporting and business analytics, powerful automation and integration, superior compliance and auditability, plus unlimited flexibility and scale to evolve with your business.

Professional strength, multi-ledger architecture.

Take advantage of the only multi-ledger architecture available in the cloud today that automatically synchronizes the general ledger and sub-ledgers in real time. Gain instant access to summary information in the general ledger, and easily drill in to originating transaction detail in the sub-ledgers. This architecture would typically cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars if a company deployed it as an on-premises system–except it's also easy to use and deploy. Discover how our multi-ledger architecture can help your organization drive performance.

  • Built-in financial intelligence

    • Make the most of built-in, real-time, flexible analytics critical data and performance metrics accessible anytime, anywhere on any PC, Mac, smart phone, or iPad. Extensive automation ensures reports and KPIs are available in real time—as transactions occur—without human intervention, saving you hundreds of hours by eliminating Excel reporting, manual calculations, and expensive third party reporting packages.
    • You can drill down to the transaction level in all Intacct reports and dashboards, and roll up transactions and performance statistics into categories you can customize for your business.
    • Intacct makes it easy to analyze any number of KPIs and performance statistics by "tagging" both financial transactions and operational data using up to 8 dimensions. Plus, you can associate an unlimited number of custom reporting fields with each transaction. Learn more about our rich, multi-dimensional capabilities.
    • Roll up transactions and performance statistics into categories you can customize for your business.
  • Unique multi-entity management
  • Automated multi-currency management

    • Capture and report on financial information and key performance metrics in unlimited base, transactional, and reporting currencies—flexibly, automatically, and in real time—for multiple business entities and, within those entities, for multiple customers.
    • Calculate all currency changes automatically and roll them up in real time. And Intacct support for multiple books enables you to carry two currency versions of a transaction—so you can lock in the then-current exchange rate while Intacct records an auditable process. Learn more about Intacct Multi-Currency Management.
  • Multinational business management

  • Extensive multi-language transaction support

    • Standardize on a single, global system with built-in support to store, manage, and report any data in all major languages and currencies. For example, if your headquarters is in the US and you operate in dollars, you need to invoice customers in French and bill in Euros, or pay your vendors in China with Yuan.
Broad integration.

Seamlessly integrate Intacct into the portfolio of applications that work best for every part of your company. Visit the Intacct Marketplace to learn more about other best-in-class applications that work seamlessly with Intacct.

An extensive network of partners.

We work with more than 300 leading local and regional business partners. Our partners have chosen Intacct to deliver a vast array of value-added services and industry expertise using our game changing financial software.

Stronger compliance.

Let Intacct help you maintain the highest level of security, segregation of duties, and complete auditability. As a result of our cloud-computing-based infrastructure, we're constantly monitoring and adapting our software to comply with the latest GAAP, IFRS, Sarbanes-Oxley, FASB, IASB, revenue recognition, tax compliance, and other regulatory standards—greatly reducing your cost of compliance.