Real-time visibility

Gain strategic insight into business performance.

Take advantage of real-time visibility to run your business better.

Give your managers and employees built in, flexible and easy to use global business intelligence capabilities with Intacct, and:

  • Get the most from robust reporting and dashboards with role-specific drill down capabilities to drill all the way down to individual transactions.
  • Access decision-critical data anytime, anywhere, on any device—in real time as transactions get posted.
  • Track financial as well as operational data with composite KPIs that are unique to your business.

Improve your time to decisions more than 20% by deploying the Intacct cloud-based financial management and accounting system. Intacct puts an end to the thousands of wasted hours using Excel for manual reporting or analysis–and to wasting thousands of dollars using complicated, third party reporting and consolidation tools outside your financial management system—tools that are both difficult to implement and use, and don’t provide the real-time reporting you need to run your business better.

The multi-ledger, Intacct application architecture provides the only financial management system in the cloud today that enables you to:

  • Monitor your business in real time as transactions post. Real-time updates and display of company information give decision makers instantaneous access to business data from any reports or dashboards.
  • Quickly classify, measure, and analyze business performance by "tagging" transactions. Intacct makes it easy to analyze any number of KPIs and performance statistics by "tagging" both financial transactions and operational data using up to 8 dimensions. Plus, you can associate an unlimited number of custom reporting fields with each transaction. This will save you hundreds of hours every year over calculating and tracking key performance indicators in spreadsheets. Learn more about our rich, multi-dimensional capabilities.
  • Speed up reconciliation and audits. Drill down from summary numbers into the underlying details anytime - even to scanned source documents—with live, interactive, online reports, analyses, and dashboards.
  • Flexibly report on your business using customized Account Groups. Roll up financial and operational data into customizable Account Groups to gain useful insights into business performance. You can combine any number  of financial and operational dimensions. For example, an owner of multiple franchises can analyze and compare locations by store, by square foot, and by employee—using metrics grouped by the categories that make sense for that organization.
  • Budget and plan more effectively with global business intelligence. Give everyone in your organization the ability to see instantly how results compare to expectations with support for an unlimited number of budget, plan, and forecast scenarios.
  • Track your business results through unlimited reporting periods. Flexibly close and report on your organization, even across multiple locations and business entities. For example, you can chose to close one entity and let the rest of the organization perform their closes later, while at the same time switching to a new reporting period – all without waiting for the other entities to catch up.
  • Streamline financial consolidation and close. Save hundreds of hours every year by consolidating multiple operating entities with a single click. And trim weeks off yearly financial closes by eliminating manual reporting and Excel.

Provide custom reporting tuned to the needs and uniqueness of your business. Associate an unlimited number of custom reporting fields with your transactions simply by dragging and dropping–to track and report on business performance to a level of detail unmatched by any other cloud financial management application. Use those custom fields to perform trended, side-by-side comparisons, and report on the attributes captured in your custom fields, hierarchically, up to your income statements and other reports.