Intacct Revenue Management Software

Better manage revenue with faster, more effective tracking and collections.

Reduce revenue leakage, improve deferred revenue management and streamline complex revenue recognition accounting.

Manage subscription and contract based financial relationships more effectively with Intacct revenue management software. Let Intacct help you automate end-to-end revenue recognition accounting, including billing, forecasting, and renewals, to improve the effectiveness of your finance organization and lower your cost of compliance—even for the most complex revenue models.

Adapt and comply with evolving rules and guidelines, eliminate spreadsheets, and increase productivity using Intacct to automate billing, renewal and revenue recognition software. Plus gain real-time visibility into recognized and deferred revenue streams, project future revenue and renewals, and improve your customer relationships—all while reducing days sales outstanding (DSO).

Contract and subscription-based businesses across a wide range of industries—including software and software as a service, nonprofits and faith-based organizations, professional services, business process outsourcing, franchises, and healthcare organizations—use Intacct revenue management solutions.

Increase productivity and reduce errors by automating critical revenue recognition accounting processes.

Intacct revenue recognition software makes it easy to manage increasingly complex revenue recognition guidelines that traditional accounting systems weren't designed to handle.

  • Automate revenue recognition accounting between multiple entities, and for multiple currencies, in compliance with current standards and regulations.
  • Define revenue recognition accounting templates and revenue recognition rules for different products and services.
  • Automatically generate revenue recognition amortization schedules and apply them across individual contract order line items.
  • Easily respond to subsequent modifications with the ability to pause, resume, modify, and cancel revenue recognition schedules that are already in progress.
  • Automatically recalculate deferred and recognized revenue without manual workarounds.
  • Easily manage complex interactions between multiple business entities working with multiple currencies with full FAS 52 support and automatic posting of foreign currency gains and losses on deferred revenue.
  • Manage increasingly complex revenue recognition guidelines, including SOP 97-2, 98-9, 81-1, ASU 2009-13 (EITF 08-01), and ASU 2009-14 (EITF 09-03).
Support complex revenue arrangements with multiple deliverables.

Automate revenue recognition with robust support for multi-element arrangements, including automatic revenue allocations based on Vendor Specific Objective Evidence (VSOE), Third Party Evidence (TPE), or Estimated Selling Price (ESP).

  • Support your overall VSOE pricing strategy by easily establishing evidence of fair value with real-time insight and reporting.
  • Simplify tracking, reporting, and auditing across product lines, channels, geographies, and time spans using multiple price lists with appropriate pricing ratios.
  • Automate revenue allocations across individual items, and easily recognize revenue as deliverables are met.
Improve business forecasting with real-time visibility into every revenue stream.

Gain unprecedented clarity into how the decisions you make today can impact your business in the future with Intacct revenue management software.

  • Drive informed decision making with anytime, anywhere access to reliable, accurate, and real-time reports and dashboards.
  • Understand your revenue picture at any point in time—now or in the future—with comprehensive recognized and deferred revenue dashboards, reports, and graphs.
  • View current and forecasted revenue graphically, and drill down from summary and trend reports to transaction detail.
Slash DSO, improve customer satisfaction, and avoid revenue leakage by automating complex billing.

Eliminate inaccurate, overlapping, and missed billings by optimizing the billing process—even for complex requirements, including metered, periodic, percentage, time-based, triggered, lump-sum, or other billing options.

  • Separate revenue recognition and deferral from billing rules, enabling you to invoice according to specific customer and product requirements.
  • Automatically generate billing schedules that lead to accurate, timely, and justifiable bills.
  • Consolidate multiple charges into a single bill and present bills in multiple formats.
Maximize renewal revenue with proactive automated management and scheduling.

Make the most of renewal revenue—an important source of revenue for most businesses and the lifeblood for subscription-based companies that are often valued on Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).

  • Proactively and automatically manage and schedule renewals—maximizing renewal revenue.
  • Define preset renewal rules that automatically create opportunities, quotes and orders.
  • Boost visibility into renewal activities through reports and dashboards.
  • Automatically trigger renewal opportunity creation with tight integration to Salesforce.
  • Enable your sales team to continue using their standard processes, methodology, and tools to track and complete the renewal order, up-sell and cross-sell.
Reduce audit costs and easily comply with evolving standards and regulations.

Intacct revenue management software reduces audit costs by helping you comply with evolving SEC, FASB, and AICPA standards and regulations for revenue recognition.

  • Simplify revenue recognition calculations—and make it easy for reviewers or auditors to support decisions—by storing detailed calculations and justifications at the line item level when they’re made. 
  • Build a foundation for robust internal controls over revenue management processes with a comprehensive audit trail.
  • Ease compliance with the AICPA's Statements of Position (SOP) 81-1, 97-2, and 98-9, SEC Staff Accounting Bulletins (SAB) 101 and 104 and, FASB's Accounting Standards Update No. 2009-13 (EITF 08-01) and 2009-14 (EITF 09-03).
  • Provide a robust basis for Sarbanes Oxley 404 assertions.