Intacct Purchase Order Software

Gain visibility and control into your procure-to-pay process.

Maximize cost savings and improve capital efficiencies.


  • Cut your management and transaction processing cycles by 2-3 times using a seamless chain of transactions with smooth integration between Intacct Purchasing and Intacct General Ledger, Intacct Order Entry, Intacct Accounts Payable, and Intacct Accounts Receivable.
  • Intacct purchase order software lets you tailor purchasing to fit your established business processes using configurable best practice templates.
  • Reduce overall purchasing costs using automatic quantity price breaks and economic order quantities.
  • Transform your finance organization by giving them the purchase order management software they need to effectively analyze business information—instead of just collecting it.
  • Automate purchasing transactions and make it easy for staff to monitor and manage merchandise and services acquisitions.

Streamline and automate the procure-to-pay process with Intacct purchasing order software. Intacct purchasing and vendor management tools simplify the purchase requisition process and extend collaboration with your vendors. Maximize the return on assets with comprehensive purchasing functionality to manage and optimize inventory—increasing customer satisfaction, improving capital efficiency, and reducing inventory costs.

Make smarter, faster purchasing decisions.

Provide both purchasing personnel and management with the visibility they need to place the right orders at the right time, simplify the purchase requisition process, monitor order status, and analyze the state of your organization’s purchases with customizable, role-based dashboards and reports.

  • Effectively manage costs of goods with price list reports and purchasing transaction reports.
  • Stay on top of vendors’ latest acquisition costs and easily keep vendor prices current with Intacct purchasing management software.
  • Identify items ordered, but not yet received using a vendor exception report.
  • Use the purchasing analysis report to drill down into transactions across time periods, vendors, item transaction status, transaction types, and back orders.
  • Take advantage of automatic quantity price breaks and economic order quantity options to easily find the best prices and quantities.
Cut transaction processing time on purchases.

Intacct purchase order software significantly reduce processing time using flexible purchasing workflows to automate and control the procure-to-pay process.

  • Create a seamless chain of transactions—from requests for quotations, and purchase orders, to invoicing your customers.
  • Customize the templates or configure new purchasing workflows to precisely fit the way you do business—no programming required.
  • Set credit limits and put vendors on hold; prioritize payments and establish payment terms, and manage default bill payment dates and discount dates.
  • Link vendors to items, and quickly load vendor catalogs and prices into the system.
  • Track vendor information at the item level, by lead times, best cost, and last cost.
  • Define permissions to enable the receipt of multiple shipments over time against a single purchase order, or require a single receipt.
Make smarter decisions with real-time, accurate visibility and reporting.

Our purchase order management software easily track and monitor purchases throughout the purchase-to-pay process with cloud-based purchasing management software.

  • Easily manage vendor information, including multiple contacts, pay-tos, and return-tos.
  • Provide anytime connections to link one or more warehouses to your purchasing, sales, and administrative teams.
  • Stay in compliance with procurement policies and better control costs by defining the appropriate user permissions to access specific processes, transaction documents, or reports.