Optimize your financials

Drive value across your entire business.

Gain real-time financial and operational visibility throughout your business. Comprehensive financial controls ensure security and compliance, and extensive automation streamlines your business processes, reduces labor, and saves costs.

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With our business partners, we've helped more than 7,000 organizations—from fast growing companies ready to graduate from QuickBooks to multi-national organizations, public companies, and global enterprises—make the move to cloud computing and streamline their financial-management processes.

We never lock you into rigid applications that force you to change your business processes to match our software. Our cloud financial management system includes extensive built-in report libraries, best practices and industry expertise, but we also make it easy to adapt our applications to your business processes with customizable workflows, fields, forms, documents, reports, dashboards, and more—all based on best practices and our experience helping thousands of companies like yours. What’s more, Intacct continues to adapt as your business changes—as you grow your business, add new product lines, enter new geographies, or acquire new companies, Intacct changes with you.

  • Start fast with pre-built industry templates. Get up and running in weeks using pre-built best practice charts of accounts, workflows, dashboards, and our library of more than 150 financial reports.
  • Build around your business. Intacct online financial management doesn’t require you to change your workflows and processes to conform to software. Intacct adapts to your unique ways of doing business, now and into the future.
  • Achieve faster financial closes. Forget the endless closing cycles that leave your business adrift without the key information needed to make adjustments, decisions, and plans. Our multi-ledger accounting software makes formal closings fast and accurate, and we even support real-time virtual closes so you can always see the state of your entire business right now.
  • Shorten DSO. Intacct cloud financials and accounting software helps you achieve greater revenue efficiency and reduce the strain on working capital—as well as identify any latent service or support issues in your business. Our customers regularly tell stories of bringing down DSO from more than 80 days to the mid 30s by deploying and connecting Intacct and Salesforce.
  • Improve controls and governance. Intacct supports and conforms to all the major regulatory and industry frameworks, including GAAP, IFRS, FASB, and Sarbanes-Oxley. That means you get robust audit trails, role-based security and controls, and complete transparency.
  • Go paperless. Intacct also helps you shrink your eco-footprint and improve your productivity by deploying paperless processes and electronic approvals to eliminate the seemingly endless sea of spreadsheet printouts, paper forms, invoices, and more.