Intacct General Ledger Accounting

Take advantage of best-in-class financial management in a cloud solution.

Build your business on the only best-in-class, multi-ledger financial foundation available in the cloud today to manage and grow your organization for years to come.

The general ledger is the foundation of the Intacct multi-ledger financial management and accounting solution, providing the underlying financial architecture that governs the performance, scalability, capability, compliance, and security of your financial management system.

Intacct separates the accounts receivable, accounts payable, and time and expense ledgers from the general ledger. This multi-ledger architecture enables the system to process transactions independently—without degrading the performance of your general ledger—no matter how large transaction volumes grow. Learn why single-ledger systems can't match Intacct performance and scalability.

Intacct General Ledger accounting software supports multiple entities, multiple books for different accounting treatments, multiple currencies, and robust allocations—all optimized for real-time, high performance and maximum efficiency. Plus, you get strong audit and control capabilities, along with unlimited flexibility and capacity to evolve with your business.

Transform your business with robust multi-ledger architecture.

Intacct's general ledger account solution lets you logically organize your transactional data in sub-ledgers around your accounts payable, accounts receivable, and expense management. This capability, unique to Intacct, combines the power, performance, and control associated with enterprise-class multi-ledger systems with the straightforward reporting capabilities of entry-level single-ledger systems.

  • Develop a more disciplined, timely, and auditable close process ; close out sub-ledgers prior to closing the general ledger—even while other ledgers are still open—keeping your financial operations going even during closes.
  • Take advantage of real-time synchronization between sub-ledgers and the general ledger—which eliminates batching and ensures that both, the sub-ledgers and the general ledger are always up to date—ensuring that everyone always works from the latest information.
  • Automatically post data to the general ledger in real time with instant drilldown to sub-ledger details.
  • Use sub-ledgers to keep your general ledger clutter-free - so it's easier to find the data you need to perform analyses and your GL performance won't degrade as transaction volumes grow.
  • Set up granular controls and improve security by restricting access to the general ledger and to each of the sub-ledgers.
  • Get consistent high performance that scales with your evolving business—even as the amount of transactional data grows.
Boost organizational efficiencies by automating financial processes.

Intacct software for general ledger accounts makes it easy for your finance department to automate financial processes and increase efficiency, providing more value with fewer resources.

  • Automatically post summary financial information to the general ledger accounts in real time with vital transaction details captured in an unlimited number of sub-ledgers.
  • Automatically produce income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and other trend reports using comparative, hierarchical drilldown.
  • Easily export reports to Excel or other applications.
  • Automate business processes using custom workflows and automated transactions, such as recurring journal entries and automated process flows.
  • Easily streamline periodic and fiscal year closing processes using virtual close functionality that enables your finance organization to accurately generate up-to-the-second financial statements at any time—without formally closing the books.
  • Save time and increase accuracy by creating simple templates that make it easy for non-accounting business users to handle their own data entry.
  • Automate journal entries for recurring and allocation journals.
  • Define journal schedules that automatically generate, post, and even reverse.
Flexibly and easily define your business structure.

Intacct general ledger accounting software makes it easy to capture detailed, multi-dimensional data for unmatched real-time business visibility. You can easily adapt your chart of accounts to meet the precise needs of your business. Intacct General Ledger accounting software provides the flexibility and extensibility to:

  • Flexibly define, plan, and manage your financial and operational structure to fit your unique business requirements today and as they change over time—not the other way around.
  • Flexibly organize your financial structure and improve reporting with reusable account groupings, calculated accounts, integrated operational data, configurable workflows, and automated posting capabilities.
  • Save time, reduce complexity, and improve reporting consistency by setting up pre-defined groups of general ledger accounts for use across financial and management reports.
  • Manage and report results customized to your business and industry, using multi-dimensional, multi-scenario, and multi-book capabilities to create an unlimited number of views of your business.
Take advantage of powerful budgeting and planning support.

Intacct general ledger accounting software helps you create and revise an unlimited number of budget, plan, and forecast scenarios using powerful tools that easily adapt as your business evolves. Include scenarios in financial reports for comparison and evaluation.

  • Easily compare budget to actual spending for multiple general ledger accounts or entities.
  • Apply scenarios to both financial and operational data.

    • Create budget scenarios for financial measurements, such as revenue, or plan values for operational accounts, such as employee count.
  • Set budgets at any level of detail to manage against, from companywide to specific accounts in specific locations.
  • Quickly produce reports for internal and external stakeholders—such as employees, management, board members, and auditors—and efficiently distribute this information in print, over email, or to their web-based dashboards in real time.
  • Protect sensitive data with granular permission controls.
Comply with regulations and standards.

Intacct is a multi-book, multi-currency, multi-location system that spans accounting regimes and currencies, and simplifies simultaneous compliance with both US and international accounting standards.

  • Achieve compliance and assurance with an audit trail for all users and transactions.
  • Reduce the cost of compliance for growing, publicly traded, multinational, or even international organizations.
  • Automate compliance with GAAP, IFRS, Sarbanes-Oxley, FASB, IASB, and other standards.
  • Maintain multiple auditable sets of books.
  • Take advantage of simultaneous cash and accrual accounting.
Streamline support for multiple locations.

Let Intacct help you streamline support for your real-world complex and varied multi-location relationships—with different charts of accounts, calendars, accounting treatments, and ownership structures.

  • Easily automate cross entity and inter-entity transactions.
  • Take advantage of secure, auditable single sign-on across multiple entities.
  • Share data—including customer and vendor relationships—across entities, or maintain private data for particular entities.
  • Take advantage of rich support for complex ownership structures, such as partial ownership and holding structures.
  • Get superior automation, speed, and control of the financial consolidation process.

    • Make use of single click financial consolidation.
    • Automate inter-entity transactions and eliminations.
    • Manage multiple consolidation process types—real time, metrics, and auditable.
    • Generate consolidated reports on-the-fly.
    • Consolidate both financial and operational accounts.
  • Generate multiple reports for foreign financials.
  • Transact with customers and vendors in multiple currencies.
Run a multinational or global enterprise.

Make the most of robust support for enterprises operating in multiple locations, transacting in multiple currencies, and organized around multiple business entities, enabling separate financial closes for each entity while performing real-time financial consolidation across all entities.

  • Drive productivity and compliance with a unified, scalable multinational system optimized for global business management.

    • Concurrently support multiple currencies and accounting regimes.
    • Create and manage data and documents in all major languages.
    • Gain real-time financial visibility into global and local operations, with consolidated reports and KPIs.
  • Maintain global financial control while retaining local autonomy.
  • Seamlessly process inter-company transactions, streamline inter-company eliminations, centralize cash management, and perform multi-entity allocations with ease.
  • Take advantage of automated exchange rate updates, real-time rates, currency revaluations, and automatic calculation of realized and unrealized gains and losses in accordance with GAAP, IFRS, and local accounting standards.
  • Enable business units to operate in their native currency, transact with customers in a foreign currency, and then consolidate using the currency of the parent company.
  • Capture and report on financial information and key performance metrics in multiple currencies from a general ledger summary to details located in the sub-ledger, providing a comprehensive, unified view of your entire organization.