Flex Reporting

Capture and track the metrics that matter most to you

Get real-time visibility into your performance as your business grows

Intacct Flex Reporting empowers your finance organization to understand and manage what’s important to your unique business by tracking not just financial metrics, but your key business metrics too. Cloud-based Flex Reporting delivers complete and accurate information without the burden of extra costs, external tools, and IT effort.

Get instant visibility into your performance to help manage your organization’s growth.

With Flex Reporting, you don’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach or resort to alternatives that can’t keep pace with your business needs. It delivers visibility into the standard financial metrics that you need and the unique business metrics that measure the success of your strategies and operations at every stage of your growth.

For example, you can review income statements and balance sheets by key business drivers as quickly as you would your overall financial metrics. You also can go beyond strict accounting and financial measures to report on non-GAAP metrics that are important to your organization.

Plus, Flex Reporting gives you performance metrics that are always reliable and up-to-date by using the same auditable and real-time transaction data used for your core financial and statutory reports.

Look at your performance any way you need.

Flex Reporting lets you carve out the information you want using Intacct’s innovative flex-dimensional general ledger and easy-to-use, guided report writer. With these financial reporting and business reporting capabilities, you can automatically track the business context of all your financial transaction data with the accuracy and completeness you need from a financial system of record.

And you can capture, track, slice, dice, and summarize metrics by your key business drivers with a few clicks of a mouse using Intacct’s dimension capabilities. Your dimensions can be broad and general, like location, or user-defined to track anything that’s important to you – whether it’s a fund, airplane tail number, service offering, or delivery model. The choice is yours!

Get higher quality information without extra costs, reporting tools, and IT effort.

Unlike alternative approaches, Flex Reporting delivers higher quality information because you can enforce tight controls to ensure your data is complete and accurate as it’s captured in the system.

Plus, Flex Reporting easily adapts to your business changes without having to manage a ballooning chart of accounts, constantly rewrite reports, or work on error-prone Excel reporting spreadsheets. And you get instant visibility into your business metrics without using and maintaining an external reporting system.