Intacct Time and Expense Management Software

Streamline and automate time and expense capture, tracking, reporting, and approvals.

Eliminate manual, error-prone processes, and accelerate time and expense processing and reimbursement, saving time and duplicate data entry.


  • Provide anywhere, anytime access to time and expense entry and approvals to improve the timeliness and accuracy of the collection of billable and non-billable time and expenses.
  • Provide finance with real time visibility into expense commitments made by employees to better track committed funds.
  • Enter and check the status of timesheets and expense reports at any time with automated workflow that emails notifications to supervisors for reviews and approvals, speeding up the process of collecting information needed for invoicing.
  • Easily capture billable and non-billable time and expenses related to client projects when used with Intacct Project Accounting, for real-time visibility into project status and project profitability.
  • Streamline and automate online approval workflows, making it easier to enforce company-prescribed policies and internal controls, and improve cashflow.
  • Increase employee satisfaction by expediting the expense reimbursement process using an online expense reporting system, reducing employee wait time for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses.

Intacct expense management software accelerates time entry, expense reporting, and employee reimbursement processes throughout your extended organization using comprehensive time billing software. Intacct's time and billing software helps you improve efficiencies and maintain tight control over expense management processes with flexible, multi-level approval workflows, paperless entry and tracking, and streamlined reimbursement. Take advantage of innovative expense report software to gain visibility into expenses incurred by employees for improved control and management of these expenses.

Streamline the reimbursement process.

Simplify the entire expense reporting process while maintaining complete control—over time and expense entry, approvals, and payments—using comprehensive expense report software to ensure timely and accurate reimbursement.

  • Process payments for approved expense reports much like you would an accounts payable bill, print a check, or issue an online payment.
  • Check expense report status throughout the approval and payment cycle, or review entire expense history at any time.
  • Ensure confidentiality by ensuring that each employee sees only their own expense reports and expense reports entered by their staff.
  • Issue cash advances to employees before they create an expense report.
  • Apply advance payments to expense reports after employees incur expenses and submit expense reports.
Implement detailed tracking, paperless reporting.

A complete expense management software solution means you can provide supervisors, payables managers, auditors, and senior management with instant access to both expense line items and supporting details so they can easily review, approve, process, and audit expense reports.

  • Specify different expense types, departments and locations using an unlimited number of line items.
  • Add optional notes and explanations to required expense type and cost information.
  • Scan and attach electronic documents to expense reports to streamline processing in distributed environments. 
Simplify data entry while maintaining complete control over your billable and non-billable expenses.

Intacct expense management software offers flexible, multi-level approval workflows to automatically route timesheets and expense information to approvers—inside or outside your organization—for unparalleled transparency into billable charges, better compliance with internal policies, and improved financial controls.

  • Make it easy for staff to enter or approve timesheets and expenses in the office or on the road from any web browser—including laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices.
  • Enter time and expenses as they occur, saving a draft report prior to submitting for approval, or fill out a complete time or expense report at one time.
  • Set up multiple approval workflows with Intacct Project Accounting to route reports to the appropriate resources—internally or externally—for review and approval.
  • Take advantage of configurable routing rules and automatically notify managers of pending action by email or add time and expense report approvals to each manager’s dashboard.
Streamline and automate timesheet management.

Make it easy for employees, part time workers, volunteers, and subcontractors—wherever they’re located—to enter and submit time information using intuitive Web-based interface time billing software.

  • Easily capture and track both billable and non-billable time when used with Intacct Project Accounting and track these expenses by project for real-time project status and profitability.
  • Set up flexible workflows that automatically route timesheets to appropriate managers—or even to an external client—for review and approvals.
  • Eliminate guesswork and manual journal entries with automatic labor cost posting of approved hours to the general ledger when used with Intacct Project Accounting