Intacct Accounts Payable Software and Vendor Management

Save 2,000 hours a year by improving your vendor management and automating your procure-to-pay cycle.

Streamline vendor payments using the processes you've already developed for your business. Maintain flexible payment and expense allocation functionality. And ensure stringent vendor payment and approval processes.


  • Save thousands of hours by automating data entry; predefine default vendor values such as payment terms, discounts, general ledger accounts, payment priority, and payment dates.
  • Automate your vendor management processes to control invoices and check payments.
  • Better track payments with user-defined, automated multi-level payment approvals to help manage cash and adhere to internal controls.
  • Automate expense allocation with predefined expense allocation tables to quickly allocate bills across multiple business entities or departments
  • Close your online accounts payable ledger while maintaining day-to-day operations.

Do more than just pay the bills. Eliminate time wasted on manual processes by automating billing and accounts payable management—and take advantage of electronic invoicing and payment capabilities that go well beyond traditional accounts payable software. Manage an unlimited number of vendors and transactions, set up customized terms for each vendor, take advantage of discount opportunities, and improve financial controls with flexible processes you can tailor to the needs of your organization.

Manage, track, and report payments with flexible advanced payment functionality.

The Intacct online accounts payable software solution for vendor management supports numerous payment types and methods, so you can manage, track, and report your payments the way you run your business.

  • Apply overpayments and vendor credits to the next bill you pay.
  • Tailor default AP terms, aging periods, and more by creating custom terms as needed.
  • Create vendors on-the-fly with flexible, yet stringent, permissions.
  • Choose from a wide variety of easily customizable aging and payables reports and graphs that enable you to easily drill down to vendor and bill-level detail.
  • Track payment reconciliation status to avoid reissuing payments that have cleared your bank.
Strengthen internal controls by configuring your payment process to support your business rules.

Configure the purchase-to-pay process to meet your business needs with Intacct accounts payable software. Pay the right amount on the right bills with the proper authorization using built-in controls.

  • Set up optional approval cycles with different authorization levels based on limits and controls that you define.
  • Attach digital files or supporting documents to transactions, for permanent and secure access to underlying documentation.
  • Maintain a high level of accounting control by separating accounting duties between people or groups.
  • Assign to different users the ability to enter vendor bills, request payments, approve payments, and print checks, ensuring accountability and security, and eliminating the risk of editing or deleting bills once they are paid.
Keep your financials up-to-date with real-time integration.

The Intacct online accounts payable software is fully integrated with other Intacct financial applications. And because Intacct is a cloud-based solution, you can see all your information in real-time, speeding financial closes.

Increase productivity by automating standard workflows and processes and strengthening vendor management.

Save thousands of hours and dollars by automating inefficient daily workflows, eliminating extra steps and time-consuming manual processes that add cost to your payment process.

  • Differentiate each class of vendor—for example, contractors from suppliers, or hardware vendors from software vendors—by assigning a vendor type to create aging reports.
  • Analyze spending and prioritize payments by setting up vendor groups.
  • Streamline vendor communication using a built-in contact manager.
  • Accelerate manual check writing with batch check entry functionality that makes it easy to enter up to 100 checks per screen.
  • Enter vendor bills using a function built specifically to support rapid data entry of the necessary details.
  • Add supporting documents—such as scanned receipts—to each bill to substantiate the payment request.
  • Take full advantage of vendor discounts with automatic due date and percentage discount calculations.
Simplify tax preparation with 1099 support.

Eliminate the difficulties and complexity of managing and reporting year-end 1099s with automated support for payments to consultants and other 1099 transactions.

  • Manage 1099 coding at the line item level for each bill.
  • Integrate 1099 reporting for multiple business entities.
  • Configure default 1099 coding for each vendor, or manage line by line on every transaction.
  • Generate 1099 files to use online with the IRS.
  • Import 1099 information from previous financial systems and issue consolidated 1099 forms.