Accounting firms

Transform the way you manage financial data.

Take advantage of collaborative accounting and outsourcing services.

Outsource some or all of your financial functions to our world-class CPA firm and accounting outsourcing partners. Use Intacct collaboratively with your CPA. For example, turn over your bookkeeping and data entry to your CPA, while your team manages financial forecasting and approvals.

We partner with the AICPA to provide collaborative accounting and accounting outsourcing services through hundreds of leading CPA firms—including more than 20 of the top 100 firms in the United States. Our CPA partners provide you with highly trained financial professionals that use Intacct to provide collaborative and outsourced accounting services, helping businesses like yours boost productivity and increase profitability—typically at a lower cost than you can achieve by hiring similar resources in-house.

Use Intacct with your CPA to improve financial performance, save money, and get timely valuable financial advice that leads to faster, smarter business decisions, and:

  • Focus on your company’s core competencies and save money through financial outsourcing.
  • Take advantage of real-time collaboration with your CPA.
  • Pay bills, process invoices, approve employee expenses, generate financial reports, and much more.
  • Access and manage your financial data, securely—from anywhere at any time.
  • Optimize business process agility, and eliminate wasted time re-entering data from different applications.

You and your CPA can do it all with Intacct.

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