Nonprofit Healthcare Organizations

Smarter Financial Management for More Efficient Healthcare

Across the nonprofit healthcare world—from hospitals and ambulatory-care centers, to mental-health clinics, healthcare advocacy, and medical research—every dollar counts. Intacct’s cloud ERP solution delivers the efficiency and agility you need to have a positive impact in your complex and dynamic environment. Intacct gives you visibility and insight, while improving staff efficiency and productivity by automating your most important finance processes: procurement, closings, consolidations, allocations, grant/donor management, compliance reporting, and more.

Get real-time visibility

Monitor your organization’s performance in real-time and see critical data and metrics so you can adjust to changing conditions and factors. For instance, with point-and-click functionality, you can filter, slice, and drill down on data to see results by practice area, location, grant, or entity. Or use dashboards and performance cards to see quick views of metrics, trends, and other relevant stats.

Eliminate the headaches of manual reporting

Intacct takes the pain and inefficiency out of your financial, operational, and compliance reporting with easy-to-use, automated reporting tools. Forget the data re-entry and collection of disparate spreadsheets. With Intacct, you can automatically create GAAP financial statements or point and click your way to any other view of your data.

A smarter, faster organization

Intacct is the AICPA’s preferred provider of financial applications. From procurement and period closings to consolidations and reporting, Intacct maximizes your team’s speed and efficiency with comprehensive automation. Get out of the endless month-end headaches and manual processes—and focus more on your mission!

A scalable solution to grow with you

Manage multiple locations, practice areas, funding streams, and entities—with ease. With its multidimensional and multi-entity architecture, Intacct is the solution that grows with your organization and saves you time and money.

Keep it in the cloud

Intacct’s cloud architecture gives you a world-class financial management application that you can deploy immediately. Take advantage of complete security, guaranteed performance, and quarterly updates with efficient, pay-as-you-go subscriptions. An open API architecture means you can easily integrate with other systems in your organization for even greater efficiency.

With the time we’re saving from mundane processes, we’re able to focus on really understanding what drives our business and monitoring key trends, such as the rising expense of medical supplies and medications. Now we’re truly a partner to the business; helping make strategic decisions about how to get our costs down, as well as where to invest in new ventures as we enter growth mode.
Timothy Carlew
University Clinical Health