Revolutionize the way you provide insights into your business while simplifying your chart of accounts.

Intacct transforms an inflexible, outmoded accounting process to a flexible, financial foundation that speeds operations and turbocharges reporting.

Intacct dimensions offer an entirely new way to manage your general ledger, by making it easier to:

  • Set up and use your chart of accounts.
  • Enable real-time reporting by pulling information from transaction-level data—from outside the general ledger.

Analyze your business in ways never before possible with reports that combine financial and operational data.

Work more effectively using a simplified chart of accounts.

The old way of working with your chart of accounts was a hard coded structure, where every account code was combined into blocks of independent dimensions. To track the accounts for 3 locations, 5 departments, and 5 projects, you’d need 75 account code combinations. Depending on your business, adding a new location or department could potentially add hundreds of accounts. Intacct makes this old way of managing your chart of accounts obsolete, by enabling you to:

  • Simplify your chart of accounts by eliminating hundreds of accounts.
  • Easily add, change, and maintain dimensions as your business evolves.

Using Intacct and dimensions, you only need to set up the new primary account. Each segment is independent from every other segment. You can combine segments into blocks on-the-fly by mixing and matching.

This will save you thousands of hours every year, and tens of thousands of dollars, not only by simplifying the way you manage your chart of accounts but also by fundamentally streamlining the way you do reporting.


Easily tag dimensions for more insightful, comprehensive reporting by selecting the appropriate account information when creating a journal entry in your general ledger.


Gain better insight into performance across your business with Intacct dimensions and statistical accounts.

Intacct dimensions enable you to independently “tag” all transactions. Tagging dimensions, instead of hard coding individual accounts, enables you to combine each code at the transaction level to analyze your business in ways never before possible by combining financial and operational transactions and accounts.

Once you create a dimension, you can use it for any transactions—general ledger, receivables, payables, time, revenue management, fixed assets, and more. Plus, you can associate an unlimited number of custom reporting fields with each transaction. And you can rename or repurpose dimensions to meet specific industry or business needs.

Even more, you can use Intacct dimensions to combine financial and non-financial operational data to report any number of key performance metrics such as earnings per share, sales by square foot, profit by item, or revenue by customer, by location, or by employee—the numbers you really need to manage your business, not just the numbers available from your accounting and financial reporting system.