Bob Spinner

Managing Director, Jackson Square Ventures

Bob joined Jackson Square Ventures in 2003 as Venture Partner and in 2006 became Managing Director. He brings to the firm 2 decades of high-technology business operational experience. Throughout his career, Bob has served in various operational capacities, including CEO, worldwide sales, technical sales support, software programming, database design, and private and public fundraising.

Prior to joining Jackson Square Ventures, Bob was President and CEO of Extensity. During his tenure, Extensity grew from $1 million to $25 million while raising money through private funding and an Initial Public Offering. In March of 2003, Extensity was sold to GEAC. Prior to Extensity, Bob was Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and International Operations at Clarify, a leading provider of integrated CRM solutions.

Bob received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from Washington University in St. Louis, MO.