Flex Reporting

A reporting revolution

See how your performance breaks down by key business drivers with just a few clicks of your mouse. And report on non-GAAP, operational metrics that are important to your organization just as easily as you’d run a financial statement. With Intacct’s Flex Reporting, you can get a full view of your business, without needing additional reporting tools, tedious spreadsheet maintenance work, or custom scripting.

Ready for insight

Flex Reporting leverages the power of Intacct’s multi-dimensional general ledger to give you easy access to a fuller view of your business. The general ledger allows you to tag transactions, budgets, and operational measures with dimension values as they enter the system. Dimensions can be broad and general, like location, customer, or project; or they can be specialized to support unique tracking needs for an organization.

Guided reporting experience

The Flex Reporting interface guides you through creating your own reports. Each step includes overview information and contextual help to ensure users understand what they are doing and can get the most from the system. Dimensions are integrated into the report writing UI to help users easily group, lay out, slice, and dice their data by key business drivers.

No more workarounds

Traditionally, companies have tried to solve the issue of managing and analyzing business metrics from within their core financial system using several workaround options, including custom fields, segmented charts of accounts, and external reporting tools. But workarounds often result in incomplete information, lack of scalability, and increased cost and complexity. Intacct Flex Reporting solves these problems by giving you easy access to quality business metrics.

Key benefits

  • Easily capture and analyze business context from within your financial system of record
  • Gain instant access to metrics that are comprehensive, available in real-time, and accurate
  • Go to one place to see your whole business, without turning to complicated workarounds or external sources