Signal 88 Security
Signal 88 Security Improves Financial Management across Nearly 100 Franchises with Intacct
Signal 88 Security moved from QuickBooks to Intacct to streamline its financial processes. Intacct provides Signal 88 with a best-in-class multi-entity system, which modernized a slow, manual invoicing process, improved inter-entity receivables, and enabled a consolidated, real-time view into key financial and operational metrics across almost 100 franchises. With Intacct, Signal 88 decreased overdue accounts by 25 percent, sped its monthly consolidations and close by 19 days, and saved over 20 hours per week of Excel reporting.
  • Rapidly growing franchise wanted to improve financial visibility and reporting
  • Needed to more effectively manage invoicing and accounts receivables across multiple business entities
  • Wanted to streamline manual processes and eliminate the need to create reports in Excel
  • Required rich dashboard functionality for greater insight into franchise profitability and other metrics
Intacct has significantly improved our visibility into profitability at the corporate and franchise levels. With Intacct, our return on investment is apparent in quicker decisions, improved franchisee satisfaction, and significant time savings for our staff.
Laura Vodvarka, VP of Administration, Signal 88 Security
  • Cloud-based system modernized and streamlined accounting across corporate headquarters and nearly 100 franchises
  • Streamlined billing processes reduced human error and decreased overdue accounts by more than 25%
  • Automated reconciliation and other financial processes sped monthly close process by 19 days
  • Multi-entity reporting eliminated 20 hours of report preparation each week
  • Real-time financial visibility improved decision-making and increased franchise profitability