Using Intacct, Virtual Hold achieved payback in eight months, with an annual ROI of 158%

Previous Business Challenges

Virtual Hold Technology develops virtual queuing solutions for Fortune 100 clients. The company needed a financial management application that could:

  • Give employees visibility into account and order information for better customer service.
  • Provide access to financial information to remote and traveling employees.
  • Easily integrate with Salesforce CRM for real-time visibility into invoice and payment status.

Results with Intacct

Since moving to Intacct, Virtual Hold Technology now has much greater visibility into financial and account information. With on-demand reporting and automated processes, Virtual Hold Technology realized a 158% return on investment in eight months. Using Intacct has helped the company: 

  • Reduce payroll error and account inquiry time
  • Increase management productivity with advanced reporting and dashboards
  • Automate expense entry, eliminate the margin for error, and avoid hiring additional staff
  • Software & SaaS