HR Services & Software Company Turns to Intacct to Increase Efficiencies and Speed Insights

Hirease, a growing human resources services and software company, switched from QuickBooks to Intacct to improve financial processes and increase business visibility as the company expanded its business. The move to Intacct has streamlined the company’s accounts receivables process, shortened its monthly close, improved GAAP compliance, and saved Hirease at least $40,000 in finance team headcount costs.

Our lean accounting staff can accomplish so much more thanks to Intacct. Whereas before we had to deal mainly with posting and accounting-related issues, our streamlined processes have freed up staff to focus on things like budget controls and proactive planning for the future. Our increased productivity also enabled us to defer the hiring of another full-time employee by nearly a year beyond what we anticipated, which we expect will save the company more than $40,000 this year.
Steve Morris

Previous business challenges

  • Growing HR services company needed a reliable financial management solution to improve financial controls and business visibility
  • Wanted to automate financial processes and improve data accuracy in order to better manage increasing volumes and complexities
  • Needed to integrate cloud accounting software with legacy billing system
  • Looking for richer, flexible reporting and dashboard functionality to gain greater insight into its dynamic business

Results with Intacct

  • Process automation and financial controls increased productivity, minimized errors, resolved accuracy issues and reduced GAAP compliance costs
  • Improved productivity enabled delay of additional hires in finance for a savings of more than $40,000
  • Integration with legacy billing system and collections software streamlined accounts receivables and enabled a multi-faceted view of revenue
  • Real-time visibility across various dimensions of the business provided executives with better and more complete data from which to make decisions
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