Fitness Formula Clubs uses Intacct to “shape up” 15 business entities

Intacct had an immediate impact on our business, solving many of the problems we had with financial management and helping to streamline processes to make managing our business far easier than before.
Brian Singleton
Fitness Formula Clubs

Previous business challenges

Fitness Formula Clubs (FFC) is a Chicago-based chain of fitness clubs with multiple locations in both public and corporate locations. With 15 separate business entities, the company needed a flexible financial management system to support its quickly-growing business and:

  • Streamline and improve reporting overall, and eliminate the need to export data to Excel
  • Maximize ROI and minimize demands on a small IT team

Results with Intacct

FFC got everything they wanted using Intacct. Now, the company can cost-effectively manage credit card transactions, easily create monthly reports, manage employee expenses, and:

  • Streamline financial processes and improve financial controls across 15 business entities
  • Easily create custom reports that provide greater insight into the business
  • Maximize ROI and keep costs low without IT staff support
  • Recreation