Dimension Data Solutions improves global business management and streamlines revenue recognition with Intacct

Intacct provides all the functionality a growing company like Dimension Data Solutions needs to efficiently manage our global financials. Our close and consolidation process across our four entities now takes only days versus weeks.
Keith Adams
Dimension Data Solutions

Previous Business Challenges

Dimension Data Solutions is a technology firm that helps Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and web companies develop and deploy applications more effectively. The company needed a system that would help them improve financial controls, simplify close and consolidation processes, and automate those processes they were forced to do manually. In evaluating Intacct, Dimension Data Solutions wanted to:

  • Support multi-entity and multi-currency management.
  • Improve revenue recognition processes and reporting to gain global visibility.
  • Find a solution that could integrate CRM and financial applications to streamline operations and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO).

Results with Intacct

Since choosing Intacct, Dimension Data Solutions has added global business management capabilities that support financial operations in four locations around the world. The multi-entity and multi-currency capabilities help ensure Dimension Data Solutions can independently manage finances by country, or get a global view of the entire business. Intacct has helped the company:

  • Shorten the close and consolidation process from weeks to just days
  • Automate the revenue recognition process for greater efficiency
  • Streamline processes using tight integration between Intacct and Salesforce CRM
  • Software & SaaS