Top ERP Systems

How do you evaluate the top ERP systems?

Businesses evolve and change at a much faster rate than ever before—that’s why your ERP needs to keep up. When you begin to evaluate top ERP systems to find the best fit for your business, consider the following:

  • Reliability—Does your ERP system guarantee 99.8% uptime and provide 24/7 system status data? 
  • Security—Is security covered from all angles, including physical, network, application, and data, so your financial information remains safe?
  • Service Level Guarantee—Does your system guarantee the highest level of disaster recovery and  provide rapid response  time?
  • API connectivity—Does your cloud ERP vendor provide pre-built or custom connections through a web services API, in order to connect other cloud applications?
  • UI—Does your ERP system include a cloud-native UI with a modern, intuitive user experience, instead of adapting old screens to a browser?

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Ramses R. Najem
Saranabu Sa Group