Popular Accounting Software

Intacct: The popular accounting software for your growing business

If you’re trapped by outdated tools and processes, it’s time to rethink your accounting software solution. With Intacct, you enjoy the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of cloud-based ERP combined with the power and depth of a comprehensive accounting and finance solution. Intacct gives you the best of all worlds. Maybe that’s why Intacct is the only accounting solution preferred by the AICPA.

  • A comprehensive solution—Everything from a multidimensional general ledger to cash management, revenue recognition, sales tax, andsubscription billing
  • World-class infrastructure—Intacct gives you built-in automatic quarterly upgrades, disaster recovery, complete security, and more
  • Flexible integration—Leave a closed infrastructure behind. Our open architecture connects to other business applications leveraging a world of open APIs.
  • Anytime/anywhere productivity—Intacct is native to the cloud, allowing you work from any location on any device at any time
  • A better ROI—Save hardware costs and IT investments through per-user subscriptions, for a lower TCO

Intacct is the popular accounting software solution that saves money, provides scalability as your business grows, and increases productivity. Contact us today to learn more about Intacct.

After several years of using an on-premises system, we recognized the benefits of switching to a pure cloud-based solution. We selected Intacct because it could handle our needs—such as more flexible reporting, automated processes, streamlined consolidations, and remote access—right out of the box.
Melanie Burress