Cloud ERP Software

Evaluating the cost of cloud ERP software

So, the evolution has arrived, and more and more organizations are moving to the cloud.  It is the topic of discussion at conferences, blogs, periodicals, and amongst your peers.  But, how would you price a cloud ERP software engagement?  This among other IT Issues is a puzzle for many organizations to figure out.  Here is some insight to help you with applying this to your own situation and provide a better understanding of the ERP software pricing model.

We know the top technology priorities for organizations are: securing the IT environment, managing and retaining data, managing risk and compliance, ensuring privacy, and leveraging emerging technologies. Technology initiatives to consider are information security, remote access, control and use of mobile devices, business process improvement with technology, and data retention policies and structure.

The cost of monitoring all of the regulation, security within your organization, privacy issues and what is accessible on a mobile device, just to name a few, creates a large overhead cost that organizations are having to bare. It is much too complex to figure out on your own unless you already have an IT background and stay up-to-date on the ever-changing and increasing regulation and opportunities to be compromised. The efficiency of being in the cloud helps to spread a small portion of the costs you would incur if you did it yourself to manageable costs across your finance organization. You pay for what you use instead of having the upfront overhead costs. Your cloud provider incurs the cost of maintaining all the security and privacy regulations and auditing the system. So when evaluating ERP software pricing, you have a real opportunity to gain efficiencies.

Intacct offers cloud ERP software which will save you money, make your finance team more productive, and allows you to leave the IT hassles in the past. Contact us to so we can evaluate cloud ERP software pricing for your organization.

After narrowing down our choices, we knew Intacct was the right choice for several reasons—it is great at managing multiple entities seamlessly, is much easier to adapt to our needs than other solutions, and it was the first step in moving our company’s entire application ecosystem to the cloud.
Tanya Yakhnis
Tandem HR