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  • Why Nonprofits Choose Intacct

    Being able to operate at an efficient level is paramount to nonprofits, whether they are providing social or health services or are managing a foundation or organization. Intacct cloud ERP software allows nonprofit organizations to easily and efficiently manage their operations at an affordable level, all while having access to state-of-the-art tools that continue to improve over time at no additional cost to the user.

    Some Nonprofit Organizations Who Use Intacct
    Canyon Ridge Christian, a faith-based organization, chose Intacct because it offers a more robust experience than Quickbooks. An example of these features include real-time analytics, which Education Pioneers uses to provide them outlooks in 3, 6 and 12-month increments. Intacct allows its users a quick way to access information and make faster, better informed decisions. Perhaps the favorite feature for Islandwood is no longer having to cobble a number of spreadsheets together.

    Intacct Benefits for Nonprofits
    As previously mentioned, presenting data in a useful, real-time way is a real game-changer for nonprofit organizations that use Intacct. Whether it’s a program, a grant, or a physical location of an operation, quick and accurate information at their fingertips is a much-welcomed relief. In addition, cost-cutting automated workflows and data that can be accessed anywhere on any device allow nonprofits to operate with agility, saving money without sacrificing the ability to do their job. In fact, Intacct helps them do their job better.

    Features That Nonprofits Enjoy
    In addition to user-friendly dashboards and portals that allow for visualization, nonprofit organizations enjoy accounting tools that help keep them within budget. The general ledger, cash management, multi-entry management, accounts payable, and purchasing are other favorite Intacct features for nonprofit organizations.

    Find out more about how Intacct is a great fit for nonprofit organizations.

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